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  1. Does "Replay Gain" address evening out the volume Level difference between albums? I have been creating flat EQ presets with various preamp settings and assigning them by album. This seems less than optimal though because of the negative effects on gain structure and finally dynamic range. It's also pretty cumbersome to implement if I want anything other than a flat EQ. Replay Gain "sounds" like it might be a solution but without a manual, I can't seem to figure out if it is applicable and if so how to use it.
  2. Very cool. The heads and shoulders best music player improves based on user feedback! It's gratifying to see this. So few developers seem to listen or care. I never use visualization so I didn't notice that the settings had been updated. I'm a believer and now an even greater fan. 🤩
  3. As to why 10 minutes, I never use visualization so I'm unfamiliar with the button. Mostly though, I cant see the button or any thing else on main screen once visualization is enabled. Maybe it's my display settings or something, but after ACCIDENTALLY AND UNKNOWINGLY tapping button, I only see wild animation, can't see any details on main screen or get to any help except settings or the forum I think I remember. Would be great if visualization and/or the button could be disabled all together. Most of 10minutes was spent on password reset as I keep forgetting to sign in ONLY WITH USE
  4. This is the single most annoying thing about the new version. Twice now I have accidentally enabled visualization and spent the next 10 minutes going crazy trying to just SEE WHAT I'M DOING! there should be a n item in the visualization settings to switch this off until switched back on at the same place!!! 😤😤😤
  5. Some artists have a single song and make the list excessively long to scroll through. Also, some artists are related, different iterations of bands, etc.. which can and should be grouped together but are seldom alphabetically near each other. Having an "artist folder" would allow grouping these artists so the length of the list could be controlled.
  6. Add ability to change defaults for eq settings, ie other than all to zero. At least for the preamp as I have to set to max for every selection. Here a manual explaining the gain structure would be worth $3 to me for this alone!
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