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  1. Thank you very much for your support. Since very early beta I'm doing test why CELT and now OPUS codec and I think it is a very promising codec since it approaches HE AAC V2 quality on some sample at 56 Kbps and the quality exceeds all other lossy codecs at 128 Kbps. I have converted all my lossless library in HE AAC V2 at 56 Kbps (fraunhofer codec) and it take less than 14 GB space on my android system. It is surprisingly small but the quality is just enough to beam sound on car speakers or bluetooth portable system (like my bose sound link), but not enough to listen with headphones. Hope to
  2. Hi, I've bought Poweramp with Poweramp Shaker to switch next/previous track when screen is unusable (when screen is wet, capacitive touch detection is ineffective). Yes I use it on Motorola defy witch is a dust/water proof smartphone and still is after 19 month of intense use. The only feature I still hope to be added to Poweramp is the ability to stream losslessly to my AV receiver, my Freebox Server, My Zeppelin Air...like Twonky do on Android or like native iOS player do. I would be pleased to pay an addon for that because I think this the state of the art for music lovers. With this featur
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