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  1. Bug:while changing to shuffle mode. Clicking on the little play bar while scrolling through library leads to the song restarting instead of just showing the player UI.
  2. Ok so on the lockscreen of my S8. If you skip tracks that are in the same album/folder, the name doesn't change at all and even my last fm fails to recognise the track change.
  3. Lock screen controls seem quite broken. Skipping tracks on lockscreen doesn't seem to change the track title which stays the exact same. Seems only the first track played will show on the lockscreen for some reason
  4. Bug: On the lockscreen of my S8, the wrong track is displayed as opposed to what's actually playing. Can be a bit of a nuisance as my last fm scrobbles also show the wrong tracks being scrobbled.
  5. Anyone notice when using opensl es hd output, when seeking the track or playing after pausing, the track seems to clip for a split second each time.
  6. I see so many people complaining of lack of features when it literally says they're not implemented yet. This app looks beautiful, and can run hi res on my S8
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