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  1. 7 hours ago, maxmp said:


    Build 810:
    • new Look and Feel / Skins / Alternate layout option, which moves track labels below cover and makes over-cover buttons smaller and faded
    • new Library / Lists / Click Restarts Track option
    • selectable Library default category via Library List options
    • returned Library / Queue / Ignore Shuffle option
    • Folders, Albums categories now support List - Compact zoom level
    • separate settings page per 3rd party skin
    • year is now visible in Albums (list zoom levels). You may need a Full Rescan for better two digits year handling (for years like 99, 02, etc.)
    • new Visualization / Visible Album Art and Track Opacity options
    • new radio/popup option types for 3rd party skins
    • tracks without duration info now appear with -:-- duration
    • better .aac recognition
    • Folders Hierarchy prefers in-folder image now (Full Rescan needed)
    • shorter lockscreen timeout (if appropriate permission given to Poweramp)
    • translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
    • other bug fixes

    Poweramp not working properly in multi windows...galaxy j7 nxt, android 8.1...please fix it before stable release...i posted it before bt nothing fix till now



  2. On 10/20/2018 at 7:32 AM, dipanjan maity said:

    .......Poweramp is not supported multi windows function in most of the galaxy phones...( j7 nxt android 8.1, j7 max android 8.1 and more) ....please fix this in next build bcz it's very usefull function for us...




    @max...when it will be fixed?????...pls fix it in next upcoming build(808)

  3. 14 hours ago, pauzak said:

    Come on guys, wouldn't it be sensible to make the UI smart finally? I just don't get it, why have you decided to move backwards with all the navigation and playback? makes no sense...
    You wanna listen, you browse, you fast forward and skipp in seconds when you browse through your library for the right tune. it has to be like supermegasimple and intuitive! PLEASE bring back at least the playback option to library UI and fast option for foldier hierarchy in playlist..
    as a mad audiophile I'm a huge PP fan and.. srsly, gu ys, just sit down and finish that UI once and for all. current build does not make little sence, except for the attempt on fresh design approach. which is simply useless for core users. why not just leave the esthetics to those guys who make skins..? :)

    made a rough sample of LIBRARY AND MAIN UI MERGED:

    + I strongly suggest to make vital nav buttons static (play, forward etc) in MAIN and LIBRARY UIs. just like in an e-browser tool bar - you don't wanna look for a hidden home button or page back/page forward, don't u?!

    comon guys, who does that!? :D

    it's great...@max ....try to add this function pls...

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