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  1. No..........thats why I am asking. The PMX2 supports it, in theory......at least with iDevices.....now I am learning apparently not with android.....but wanted to confirm that and the first step is finding an app that DOES support it on android....
  2. I do find that when I fire up the RF PMX2, my Poweramp starts playing automatically where it had left off. So I do not believe it is doing that. When I stop PA, the music stops. The cheapie bluetooth plug in reciever for my car and the stereo in my garage works the same way.....starts Poweramp.
  3. Andre, can you clue me in on where to look for this setting? Maxing out the latency/buffer setting in PA helped a good bit with dropouts it seems, but still have some.
  4. But doesn't ANY playback of music from a android device require a player? When I connect to my phone to play the music, Poweramp is the app that comes up playing the song.
  5. But wow...the file size is like 3:1..........ouch. LOL
  6. Well, I switched to WMA a long while back because of the huge difference in storage size......one song is 1.6 mb in WMA and 3.5 mb in MP3 I am using windows media player to do the ripping....is MP3 just naturally a larger file or maybe I have some setting wrong? I am trying to see if I can duplicate the dropouts and see what the common factor is but so far no luck. I do find that my WMA files seem to be ripped at different bitrates...as of right now, seems like the files I have ripped at 192 kbps have an occasional dropout and the ones at 142 kbps dont but I cant confirm that since the test results are sketchy...... I am going to bumpy my buffers all the way up to max...8 buffers, 100 ms and see what happens.
  7. No change with the buffer set this way. But a question.....are there issues with Poweramp playing WMA files? AFter having the same issue after changing the buffer setting, as a test I loaded a player called "Black" and tried it......it didnt see my wma files at first ,and once I got them to be seen, they wouldnt play.... So I played another album, which is in mp3 format....and not one dropout. Then , I tried Poweramp playing that same file....and only one short dropout the entire first 3 or 4 songs. So a definate improvement. Seconds before that I tried playing a wma file and it had drops. SO thats why I am wondering if the WMA format is the problem? Compared to Black, Poweramp is much cleaner IMHO as far as interface....RALLY want to keep it.....but before I go an convert 60+ ripped albums to MP3, I would like to be sure...LOL
  8. Thanks...I am bumping the buffer size up too 100ms x 4,,,...wondering what side effects this could cause? I mean, why make it adjustable to begin with if more is better? How does one check the BT settings as far as power state? Cant locate on my phone.....
  9. Hi folks. I have been using Poweramp for a couple years now and love it. Love the UI, and it seems to be very robust. I havent tried other apps other than what came with my phones...no need to IMHO with Poweramp. Anyways, I recently installed a Rockford Fosgate PMX2 marine receiver with bluetooth. Crutchfield advertises it as such: The Rockford Fosgate PMX-2 offers built-in Bluetooth (version 3.0+EDR) for wireless music playback from your Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows phone, Blackberry, and more. You are able to stream stored music and music apps from your Bluetooth device to the PMX-2 marine receiver. You can control basic playback functions like Play/Pause, Previous Next/Track and Repeat/Shuffle for stored music and music apps on your device. When using a Bluetooth AVRCP 1.4 compatible device like the Apple iPhone (iOS 5.0+) or an Android smartphone (OS 4.0+), you can even browse your stored music by category (Playlist/Artist/Song/Genre). The PMX-2 will also display your device's song/artist information with album art. I can play music just fine.....I can use the track skip buttons and I can pause the music. The song title and album title appears on screen. BUT ---no album art (not a huge deal to me) but more importantly I am not able to use the browser they have in the unit to pick an artist, album etc. Now that's Crutchfield's website. RF's website is a little more sketchy: The PMX-2 features...... Pandora control capabilities and Bluetooth audio streaming with album art support for Apple and Android products I called Rockford Fosgate and the guy there said "I am an apple guy so I cant really help, our android guys are out"....I am waiting for them to get back to me...... My phone is a Moto G5 Plus, OS 7.0, and I am using PowrAMp build 709 paid version. I am hesitant to try any other audio player apps....I trust Poweramp and frankly it does more than I need it to do......so much junk out there , tough to know what to trust..... But should Poweramp be able to supply the data needed to the RF PMX2?
  10. Would this suggestion help with what I call "dropouts"? Music intermittently just stops and starts again in the same spot..... (Version 709 paid, Android 7.0, MOTO G5 Plus)
  11. Ok,..well, walked thru the steps again and this time tried a link lower down in the "how to" area....this time it prompted me to update and this time it worked. Admin can delete this post .
  12. I found a link elsewhere for v3, in the software itself, and it took me to the Play store....told me it would be a couple hours before it would upgrade from v2 to v3......that was early this morning...still hasnt happened. Anyone have any idea as to what I did wrong? It never asked me to install..it just said "open".....v3 beta was clearly shown on the play screen..... ???
  13. Hi all New to the community and the Poweramp player. I have had my Samsung Note 4 for a few years and overall love it. Been using the music player built in to it fro a while. Started having issues with it though, in that the music would just STOP randomly while using cabled headphones ...sometimes it would start right up again, sometimes it would take several minutes to do so, and then sometimes not at all. So I decided to try a better player - enter Poweramp, trial version. Its says it is V2.... The music has only stopped on me once I think in a week (I use it every day). So far not a major issue though I would prefer it didnt stop on its own. HOWEVER, now I have bluetooth issues...... I want the player to connect and start playing when it sees my bluetooth device.....the device in question is a BOSS motorcycle speaker system. Poweramp connects, plays for a second or two and then pauses the music. The android player doesnt do this. I have tried unpairing and repairing the devide, no change. Doing some reading, i see that v3 may address some of this issue.....? How can I get a trial version of v3 to confirm? Only v2 is on the play store. My android version is 6.0.1 I am ready to buy the app IF these issues are correctable...... Thanks in advance all.
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