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  1. 17 hours ago, NickIst said:

    Generally yes. It's DVC which eliminates all additional manufacturer sound effects. However manufacturer updates can derange its work, like it's on the v826 with Samsung

    Tried with DVC off also not working, the audio stops when I tried to turn on the Huawei Histen on Hires Output. :(
    Hope @maxmp can fix it.

  2. 49 minutes ago, SynekPablo said:

    In this case, the Sonata HD is recognized as an adapter and not as a DAC.

    Is it recognized by the OpenSL HD driver or AudioTrack driver?

    Have you tried if the Sonata HD is detected if you have USB DAC enabled, too ?

    Otherwise, you can connect the Sonata HD back to the PC and uninstall.

    Follow EXACTLY the instructions in this link to install the firmware.


    You do not have to install anything except the PURE_MUSIC_D firmware !!!

    After that it should work.

    Recognized by OpenSL ES and Hi Res Output, if I turn them off it will go to AudioTrack and all of them are Wired Headset/AUX. (I don't have the OpenSL ES HD)
    Works perfectly on windows
    Tried reinstall, still no luck.. I guess it is the problem of MIUI or Poweramp by not detecting USB C Audio on default
    It works on HibyMusic and USB Audio Player Pro (There is a prompt ask me to access the USB device)

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