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  1. PizzaEX

    Poweramp Build 829

    Tried with DVC off also not working, the audio stops when I tried to turn on the Huawei Histen on Hires Output. Hope @maxmp can fix it.
  2. PizzaEX

    Poweramp Build 829

    Thanks for the update! Is it possible to use Huawei Histen Sound Effects while also using Hi Res Output? Currently it only works on non hires output.. UAPP seems able to do it.
  3. PizzaEX

    Poweramp Build 818

    Sorry for that, only happens when using Hi-Res output + DVC
  4. PizzaEX

    Poweramp Build 818

    Huawei Mate 10 Emui 9 Android 9 Lowering volume when the screen is locked (with DVC on) is not working again..
  5. Same problem here with Huawei Mate 10 Pie 9.0
  6. Sorry for late reply! and yes.
  7. Huawei Mate 10 with Android 9 Adjusting volume with DVC enabled will change the vibrate to sound, and no sound when set to vibrate.
  8. PizzaEX

    Poweramp Build 809

    Huawei volume control on lockscreen works now, thanks max!
  9. Using Huawei Mate 10 Android 8.0 Volume down button not working when screen locked and using Hi Res Output, volume up is working.
  10. Recognized by OpenSL ES and Hi Res Output, if I turn them off it will go to AudioTrack and all of them are Wired Headset/AUX. (I don't have the OpenSL ES HD) Works perfectly on windows Tried reinstall, still no luck.. I guess it is the problem of MIUI or Poweramp by not detecting USB C Audio on default It works on HibyMusic and USB Audio Player Pro (There is a prompt ask me to access the USB device)
  11. I flashed the Pure Music Firmware but it is recognized as Wired Headset/AUX..
  12. PizzaEX

    Poweramp V3 Skin FREE (795+)

    I have the same problem, even with hidden status bar and nav bar..
  13. Folder album art is not changing when adding new songs.. previously worked on 709
  14. PizzaEX

    Poweramp beta build-795

    Looks like the folder album art is not changing to the latest when I add new songs..
  15. PizzaEX

    I gotta say... The sound is amazing.

    Is there any sound improvement from version 709?