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  1. @andrewilley Upgrading to v3 solved the problem! Thanks
  2. @andrewilley Can you tell me what the service is called? Maybe I can try 'force enabling' it. Meanwhile I will also check on OnePlus forums. Do you think upgrading the PA v3 would help resolve this?
  3. When it is in the background/dormant. But then the button also does not work when the app is launched. I have to manually 'uncheck' and 'check' the headset button option
  4. I have a Panasonic headset for my OnePlus 5 phone. However, the headset button does not work when I reconnect the headset after some time since the last disconnect. I have activated the headset button option, as well as wakelock and keep awake features. I have also locked the app to prevent from killing it. The high priority feature also does not help. Kindly advise.
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