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  1. When I have multiple artists for the same album, they are not sorted under one album. Instead they are now sorted beside each other, so the same album name appears many times. As many as there are artists. Sometimes there are a real album with many artists appearing on it. Sometimes I have put all single artist songs in a specific album called Unknown or General Pop. So why are not these songs sorted under the same album? I want Genre/Album/Artist But now they are Genre/Artist/Album It worked in the old version. How can I get this to work. Thanks Martin
  2. Hi Love Poweramp, has been using it fro years now. But have always added songs one by one to music lists. Kind of time consuming... Is there a way to mark many songs before adding them to a list. For examle, I am in the Genre catagory, and I would then want to choose and add many songs at the same time. Have I missed something? Thanks Martin
  3. Thank you so much. It worked. Had forgot about that.
  4. Don't know if this is Poweramp related or my phone. When I want to share a song, I'm always directed to whatsapp. Normally one get a list of options. Have whatsapp been somehow become default? How can I remove this to get the list of other choices, for example, Messenger? Thanks
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