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  1. Aux has bad quality. If I would chose Aux, I could chose to deinstall Poweramp and use the given app as well. But that is not an option. I am not listening to bad mp3's in combination with a bad car hifi where it would not matter due to the low spectrum. I got here simply for the reason bc I think Poweramp is the most powerful player and Im telling you this bc I am sure I wont be the only person having this issue in the future and it might be some help. And it is really annoying as hell for someone who has no clue why it happens. Easiest thing is just leave the beta and use the normal version of the player, because this problem did not exist there. So you need to tell me if you are interested in trying to figure out this interference and if I should/can do anything specifically to help, or not. Thats it. Nothing special and common to most new car radios on the market that support android...
  2. Hi, nah, as previously said in "handmode" I can only change titels with +/- on the radio (when activated in Poweramp in those headset settings). There is no info or anything. This would not work with Poweramp or any other app besides the app that was made for the radio which is a pretty simple and a bad one. "Handmode" display looks like this one I attached and it stays and does not change (its not my radio but same brand and mode). To get in Handmode, it has to "read" the phone, then I have to acceppt the usb access on my phone. Meanwhile Poweramp starts playing music and messes this process up, which means the radio starts again with "reading", then the phone asks for access on it, meanwhile Poweramp starts playing music, messing it up.... loop
  3. Hi, not quite sure what USB DAC is. Im not using mass memory at all. I plug in the mobile - it asks if I want to start the app (then I would control it via radio and get infos for title/interpret/albums ect on the radio display, but could not use Poweramp, only the app for the radio will play music then) and when I deny, I have this free mode where I can go free ride whatever I want. Poweramp, Spotify, speakerphone for Calls and so on or everything at the same time. The function itself seems to be the same as if I would connect AUX with it. With the difference, that I need it to access, bc its usb plug, and I am able to change the title with +- straight on the radio when I activate this option in Poweramp, but thats it, no info or anything. And with a much better quality of course! Using .flacs with Poweramp is unbeatable so I would never go back to anything else. The radio came with "android" ads on it, having "AOA2.0 = Android Open Accessory Protocol Version 2" - maybe this is the function for it that explains why it works, I dont know much about those shorthand symbols and their meanings. Besides that, the problem stays the same. Do you have any suggestions why this is happening or how it could be fixed? Music starts playing altough it should not (everything is disabled) and for me this is the reason why I get stuck in that loop of access/autorize and decline the same time, which repeats. Is there anything I can try or you want me to try, or should I leave the beta and get back to the standard version? Ps: Music does not start automatically when I plug in earphones or aux, it just starts on my car radio and it instantly comes out of the car speakers.
  4. Hi, I didnt mean to "connect" Poweramp with my Car Stereo i never did this - but just connect with it as a source. Im using my mobile to control everything, car hifi just works as a speaker and has no function else. I was using this for like 3 years now flawlessly without a problem ever. It still works with Android <7, but since new Android wants always to autorize the usb and Poweramp always tries to play music instant without waiting for it to get released, I have this problem. Thing is, I simply cannot disable this "Usb access" from Android, and I dont know how to make Poweramp NOT start playing music instantly when I connect the usb with it (if you can tell me how to not make it start at all when it gets the usb connection, it will work i think). As said, when I deinstall Poweramp, I get into this "Handmode" (means phone is connected to the car-hifi with usb but it has no function but being a speaker) and I can use it properly. atm I cannot even use my phone as a speakerphone to make calls or anything (or even check something in whatsapp) because it does not give me permission for it to control the phone. Mustnt be a bug, but i didnt knew where to put this topic into. Ps: Audio Fokus is everything disabled, and I tried to disable everything else that I could find in settings. And i played around a lot with settings trying to figure out something. I CAN stop the services and everything from Poweramp in android so it works as well when the phone got access and i start it because it does not start music instantly, but this is not an option.
  5. Hi, whenever I connect my phone with usb to my autoradio, Poweramp starts to recognize and is gonna play music. The phone itself first trys to autorize the usb connection which i have to admit but in the same time Poweramp acts and I get some kind of refuse. i cant do nothing and getting this in an endless loop stucking on wether to admit the usb connection (when i admit, it starts reconnecting in a loop same procedure) or just let the music play that will come but without the option to change anything on my mobile phone because i have to agree the usb connection (and when i do, i get the loop on it again). The problem is not existing when i deinstall Poweramp, it works. I think I disabled everything I can disable in settings (several times checked) but i cant get past this . Any suggestions? It does not happen when I connect the phone with headphones or something else. Greetings
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