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  1. Audiencenc

    Chromecast Audio support

    hi sir, sorry for disturbing, you seem to know a lot about audio, I also have a problem with audio codec. Cupertino has been open from its lossless audio codec (ALAC), ALAC can reduce the amount of memory required for audio files by up to 50% without losing the original recorded fidelity, which is not as lossy as MP3 and AAC, but when I converted my FLAC to ALAC, I failed for known reason, I downloaded a program [Spam portion removed] from a giveaway site, but it called me to set some parameters, such as framerate, I don't know about these parameters, can you help me? please
  2. Audiencenc

    Can't play amr

    lol, it's me, I convert AMR to mp3 because AMR files can't be played on Poweramp.[Spam portion removed]