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  1. Yes, the Free New Playlist Manager found the former deleted Playlists and I've deleted them all again. Now it seems they are really deleted. After exporting them and a rescan all of the Playlists are listed as "Dateibasierte Wiedergabelisten" ("databased Playlists") with the ending .m3u8; but they are working. I've copied some new Playlists in the Playlist Folder and after another rescan they are also listed as databased Playlists. In the end, this works. Different than before, but I've got my Playlists. Thank you.
  2. I've disabled the normal playlist-Folder on the storage of the mobile phone in power amp and created a new one on the SD Card. Right now, power amp should only scan the Music Folder on the SD Card and no other Folder. On the SD Card, there has never been a Playlist Folder. And the one I've just created only contains 3 new Playlists and not the deleted ones. The result is nearly the same - the deleted files are generated (and duplicated) again, the new Playlists not. But the new Playlists from the SD Card folder are mentioned at the end of the Playlists as "Dateibasierte Wiedergabelisten" (means about "databased Playlists") with the addition "noch nicht geladen" (means about "not loaded yet"); in the end the same result as at the beginning. On the SD Card has never been a Playlist Folder before. So I've got no idea, where power amp finds the deleted files. I can use them, though it's not optimal. I'm very afraid about a full rescan in power amp. I had to do this twice - both times with the result, that all my Playlists where empty and I hat some days work to reorganize power amp. Maybe this would not happen again as I now create the Playlists at my computer. But as Long as I've got no guarantee, I won't make a full scan again. I've made an automatic search both all over the storage of the mobile phone and on the SD Card. The deleted files weren't found. Only power amp knows, where they are... All I knew before is a Folder named "Playlists" on the first Level of the mobile phone storage. And up to know I've worked with this Folder. Is there a second - hidden - Folder with the "Android's Playlist database" or is it the same? And how can I find the power amp Folders with all Playlists active in power amp? They seem to be hidden, too.
  3. No, I've restricted the folders. Only 2 folders are active: Playlist (the Folder I use for importing the playlists) and the music-folder on the storage Card. And there are no playlists in it. Yes, I use M3U files. But power amp doesn't find these lists without the import function. Further more, right now the app doesn't import the lists anymore, only old, delated lists. And yes, the new lists, which poer amp ignores, are exactly where they used to be, they are correct .m3u files, the Songs are in the storage, the Folder is still restricted. And the delated lists are ... delated. So I absolutely don't know, why the app Imports delated files and ignores correct files.
  4. Hello, using playlists is the most important feature for me and the reason why I choose power amp - because it is one of the few apps, where I can Import playlists from the computer. The playlists are always much easier beeing orginized on a computer. I import them to power amp with the function of the app ("Einstellungen - Ortner und Bibliothek - Importiere Systembibliothekswiedergabelisten"). I don't know the path in english; must be something like "Options - Folders - Import of Playlist". In the last weeks, power amp also Imports playlist files, which are delated in the folders power amp should use for the import function. I don't know, how power amp imports a delated (in the folders for the import, not in Poweramp itself) playlist. Power amp then duplicates the playlists. And with my latest playlist (another change of an old playlist) the app imports the old version of the playlist (which I've delated both in power amp and in the Import folder) and not the new version. The new version is mentioned below all other playlist with the addition "noch nicht geladen" (means about "not loaded yet"). Please correct these mistakes in the app. By the way - it is disturbing, that I have to delate the playlists in the Import folders, because power amp always duplicates the playlists while importing and noch overwrites them. This mistake should be corrected, too. But it's not that important. P.S.: I use an Huawei P8 lite with Android 6.0
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