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  1. Hello. I'm a long time Poweramp user (bought it ages ago on a SonyEriccson phone with Android 4). Lately I'm trying to de-google my life as much as I can, but there is one problem, my favourite music app (Poweramp of course) was bought on Google Play. Using LineageOS on my main phone with no Google I wasn't able to use it (and if I installed Google Play and then removed it, Poweramp V2 at the time, would deactivate after a while) so I just used other players for a few years now. Now I got a new phone from my employer and even though I could probably mod this one as well, I'd rather keep it sto
  2. Oh, and I found another small bug with visualization. You know I'm a huge fan of Milkdrop, I've played and tripped with it since the days of Winamp on Windows XP. Anyway, it seems certain parts of the visualization aren't rendered properly if HD mode is selected. I notice it a lot with some presets I imported from my pc, on the built in ones is very noticeable in some such as Blur Mix 3,the superscope or whatever it's called is not rendered properly as you can see.
  3. Got the update via Play Store, everything seems fine on my Oneplus3. I love the new UI, very innovative but still intuitive. I wouldn't be surprised if within a year every other music player copies this style, as always PA is far ahead of the competition. Anyway, only one thing is bothering me, is there any way to skip to the next album with a gesture? Or is it only possible to do so with the buttons? As for bugs, compatibility with my car's Bluetooth head unit has been completely ruined, the controls don't even work anymore and metadata isn't displayed anymore on the screen. Since t
  4. When updating my phone (OnePlus3) to Android 8.0, and then to Poweramp V3, he compatibility went from "literally perfect" to "basically nothing works". The situation in this beta (790) got even worse compared to the previous Alpha version. Basically, my car supports full ID3 tag display, seekbar with time, fast forwarding and rewind, toggling of shuffle and repeat, and of course play pause and skipping back and forth. I'm pretty sure it also supports browsing the music library but I've never seen it work on Android (I've seen it work on some iPhones). On Android 7 on both the alpha a
  5. I find it funny that many of you are concerned about HD Audio and pristine quality then go all out and enable all kinds of distorting bullcrap like Dolby Crapmos or XxXtremexXx Sikk Audio Mod #23754 Mega Bass Edition, and then proceed to listen to music using godawful Skullcandy or Beats or if you're lucky low end Sennheiser earbuds.
  6. I don't have that many issues with this build except for using Bluetooth in my car. The compatibility went from "literally perfect" to "basically nothing works" when I updated my phone to Android 8.0 (phone is the original OnePlus3). The situation in this beta got even worse compared to the previous Alpha version. Basically, my car supports full ID3 tag display, seekbar with time, fast forwarding and rewind, toggling of shuffle and repeat, and of course play pause and skipping back and forth. I'm pretty sure it also supports browsing the music library but I've never seen it work on Androi
  7. This new update is just lovely. Fresh, innovative interface that is also super easy to use and fast. Only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the wave seekbar which is clunky when I need to seek through a long mix or other long (1 hour or more) recordings. Also I miss the lack of seekbar in lists. Keep up the good work, even in the current state the app is miles ahead of everything else on Android.
  8. You forgot to read the part where I say that it also looks functional and easy to use. I think usability is the most important thing next to sound quality. There are players which claim the best sound quality (tbh I can't even tell any difference between most of them, and it's not like I have crap headphones like beats or skullcandy, I listen mostly with my sennheiser HD599, not top of the line gear but way above average) but are clunky and borderline unusable (neuron player says hi).
  9. Holy sh*t, this is next level stuff, as usual Poweramp is leaps and bound above the competition. This interface looks AMAZING, it's innovative and unique yet it looks completely functional and even more usable than anything I've seen before. This is what everyone will try to copy moving forward with Android music players, no wonder he kept it a secret for so long.
  10. I honestly wouldn't say that all of these disgruntled posts are a bad thing. It just means that the fanbase is really passionate. Nowdays most people just go and shit out their 5 words rant on the app's review section on Play Store, the fact that so many people came all the way here, signed up, and then explained why they really want a new version shows that people care a lot about PA and that it holds a very important place in our daily lives. For me, PA is literally irreplaceable. Nothing else on the Play Store comes even close. If I wasn't having a ton of issues with bluetooth in my ca
  11. I just tried Neutron after all the obvious shilling going on here, and seriously, wtf is this clunky abomination? And you guys dare criticize PA for the interface? LOL! Neutron has probably the worst interface I've ever seen on any music player ever, not only in terms of how utterly convoluted it is but how much of an eyesore it is as well. As for the sound, I can hear no difference between it and PA v2 on a pair of sennheiser hd599. PA is lighthyears ahead of the competition even on V2. V3 is going to make every other music player on the market look like pathetic shovelware in compariso
  12. Holy crap, it actually worked. I ruled it out working because I assumed the stable version was too old for proper compatibility with Oreo, but it seems it works just perfect including in the car. I will keep using the old version since I don't really need any new feature from v3 right now and having bt in my car is top priority for me right now.
  13. Oreo has been officially released for a while by Google, and from OnePlus it was released last week in stable form. I know full well that the current version was made for Marshmallow / Nougat, in fact I had to update to 704 on Nougat because I had constant crashes while browsing the song lists on 703 and earlier. The current version still works just fine outside of the car compatibility, which unfortunately is my main use for the music player these days that I cannot use headphones due to an injury to my ear... I had to resort to using my Galaxy S4 again to get some music in my car for no
  14. I tried it but it looks like a bootleg of Poweramp tbh, absolutely dreadful interface. Audio quality is identical to PA, but maybe my current phone, the OnePlus3, does not allow me to hear any difference even with decent headphones (I have Sony MDR1A and Sennheiser HD598Cs). Honestly I can't hear any noticeable difference from most of the players I tried. Poweramp has set the bar too high for me, I think it will take years before any player can match it even at the current stage in terms of functionality and sheer quality of the interface.
  15. I updated to the stable firmware and the sound is ok. Unfortunately the controls and Metadata display is still broken so I would assume that PA is not fully compatible with Oreo, because other players work just fine with my car.
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