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  1. The equalization and volume icons are grayed out on the player screen but are still functional. How can I change them from being grayed out? I have a Sprint Note 4 running Lollipop.
  2. I'm finding that when I open Poweramp from a home screen or apps list and choose a song from my list of mp3s on my sdcard, the embedded art that I have for that song is shown. But if I use a text editor app like FX and select one of my songs from the same list, a selection window opens with whatever mp3 player apps I have that can be used and I choose Poweramp from that list, the album art is a randomly chosen one. Does Poweramp work differently when opened on its own as opposed to being opened from a list of apps? I hope I haven't confused anyone.
  3. I don't know why embedded cover art can't be made the default album for the file. I've put album art that I chose using an editor into all my files. These are images I want for the files. Even if some artist have several albums called "Greatest Hits", the image of the "Greatest Hits" that I've embedded should be used. It seems that simple.
  4. How is the album art selected for the songs after I have filled in the "Info/tags" information? I notice once I touch and hold on the screen to see what album art is then available, on some occasions album art is displayed that isn't one associated with the artist at all but is the art for a completely different artist. Once I I always check online to see which album my song was included in and the album art associated with that with it so I can select the proper art to be displayed. Checking online for information for the odd artist's album doesn't show my song was included in his album. What information does Poweramp key on for the album art selection for a particular son?
  5. I've created folders on my smartphone of music by genre. The folders are mp3 files. How can I simply make each folder a playlist?
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