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  1. I have a proper version of PA too and it paused a few times on my bt earbuds. I don't use m my bt all that much but i can test it for a bit this weekend
  2. 819 and 820 seem to have broken my tasker script to skip on double tapping vol+ and vol- on my op6. Crashing PA when trying to skip tracks. Had to roll back to 818 and it works without hiccup. Any insight on why this might be?
  3. Hey all, Since the headset remote controls are really the main reason I'm sticking to 790 or V2, does anyone know of any other apps that would allow the remote to work with 709? I tried tactile player to let me use the volume buttons but no luck :(
  4. Aye, the headset remote buttons not working is currently the main gripe i have with a709. On b790 it's the widgets that aren't working on nougat for me. Hope a new update will come soon
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