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  1. I second that, Cyanogenmod (likely the most downloaded custom rom) now has AVRCP 1.3, it is just a matter for Poweramp to provide the ID3 tag like the stock player does, PLEASE implement this, a lot of people waiting for it.
  2. Bugs: Auto resume on BT Connect still doesn't work properly Sometimes it starts with first song in library (forgets last played song & forgets settings for shuffle etc) Wishlist: Bluetooth ID3 Tags
  3. Two bugs I found: a) it keeps forgetting Shuffle and Repeat (Connect BT Headset, play music, disconnect BT headset, exit PA, connect BT headset, open PA, settings for shuffle and repeat gone) b ) I stand corrected, auto resume on BT headset connect indeed is a bit wonky, sometimes it just plays 1s and pauses again!
  4. Where has my post gone? Anyways, again. Bugs: - When disconnecting the Bluetooth headset (turning headunit off), Poweramp switches briefly to black album art and "no media loaded" before showing song and album art again Suggestions: - Tried it in car at night, the new Album art background is nice but distracting at night, would love a "dark" theme for it. - Bluetooth ID3 tag display - Allow menu to be customizable, I use delete far more often than lyrics f.e., would be nice to be able to switch these buttons. Observations: - Google Navigation issue seems to have fixed itself even in older PA version - No crash on bluetooth disconnect yet!
  5. I am running Poweramp on a Desire HD in my car, the phone is connected via Bluetooth to a JVC KD R 711 headunit. Streaming to it, resume on connect, selecting next/prev song via headunit works flawlessly, the only thing it can't do is display the name of the current song. The headunit theoretically is able to do it, the question is, is it limited by the phone or by Poweramp, if Poweramp is the problem, can we hope for an implementation of that feature? That would surely be a nice thing to have
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