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  1. As far as I'm concerned, the only good thing about the new UI is the animations. Even that I could live without. The rest of the UI is mostly things I can live with but I prefer the older UI. Seriously, those solid black buttons, the cluttered interface, and the spectrum bar need to go.
  2. I did like the line seek bar from previous versions more than this new one. It doesn't add any new functionality. It just clutters the interface.
  3. You can switch to a hierarchical view in the options for the Library, then restarting the app. There are plenty of posts here how to do that. The interface is a bit of a letdown for me too, but let's hope with the feedback people are offering here it will be improved.
  4. That's normal. The option is in Settings->Audio->Audio Focus->Permanent audio focus change.
  5. +1 to everything Mr. Make Believe said. I have all my music structured into folders too, and that's the way I like to navigate it.
  6. I'm not sure what I did, but it started working ok for me. Try restarting the app.
  7. Yeah... That looks bad. On the plus side, for some reason, clicking the album art now takes me to folders hierarchy all of a sudden...
  8. I wasn't happy with the way the library worked. Took me a while to find the hierarchy option. The option is hard to find and I don't understand why it isn't the default for folders. Firstly, is there no way to go to folders hierarchy instead of albums when clicking on the album art? Secondly, and this one is the worst, when no album art is found for the current folder, can it look in lower folders and use what it finds there? My artist folders went from having album art in the previous version to no art at all. All in all, in pretty disappointed with the new library... But, hey, if everyone else is happy with it...
  9. Yes, it is the notification on the lock screen. I don't use PA's lock screen.
  10. It works ok. I can see the album art and the controls. The only issue is that there is no back button. That may be by design.
  11. I'm not sure if it was version 708 or 709 (didn't use the player in that period) but the notification widget and the lock screen controls are finally working for me. They haven't been working since I upgraded to Android 8.1. Not sure what you changed, but don't change it back.
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