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  1. The chromecast audio is working great. One question is it only chromecast support or dpna support?
  2. Great support. My chromecast audio is directly there to support. I go test it these days..
  3. i like the idea of streaming to (my) chromecast audio. its a device with a high end dac thats capable of streaming hq music. i have it configured for full spectrum . but with the music olayers that i have on my note4 there's no player thats near the kwality as Poweramp. i use flac files directly kopied from lp ed.. the diference is huge. i stream in my car by bleutooth. when i use Poweramp it is far the best sound i can stream to bleutooth. the function for playing audio from nas would be perfect for the soundkwality. i hope that the developer can also made a possibility to stream it.
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