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  1. I have carried out a factory reset of my device. I have also changed my Micro sd card .I uploaded my music to pc then downloaded onto new sd card.There is still a problem with distorted music.i have looked on eBay help regarding playing music files on mp3 players .They have described this problem exactly. They gave information there was problem with files. A compression setting being below 128 kb.They advised recompressing files again and changing playback settings to above 128 kb on compression. Any help with would be great.
  2. What is the best method to save m3u8 files on my mobile so that I can use them again .And want is the method of transfer them back to mobile device to use again with power amp.
  3. It seems worse on headphones. I have tried different headphones but still same problem. I am using Samsung j3 2017.There was an update about three weeks ago and this problem seemed to start after that.
  4. Recently my playback of my music files has deteriorated. They all sound distorted at high end of scale.I don't know if this is a memory card issue. I have tried using different music players and the issue is still present.
  5. I have had two instances of power amp crashing with above message .This has happened when I try to edit info of a song .This results in loss of playlists.Since the first time I have exported playlists as m3u8 files in power amp so I did not lose these this time. Any insight as to why this is happening would be of help.
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