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  1. I believe the first occurrence of the audio issue was about 1 month ago. The problem may have existed for longer.
  2. Regarding the version that worked, I'm not positive. I know I was able to listen to the songs without issue about 6 months ago. For sharing the songs, I don't know if you'll want to download them as each track is about 20 minutes long and each file is over 1GB. However, I'll message you a link to my google drive if you'd still like to download one for a test.
  3. Hello, I have some Yes albums that have been reproduced in 5.1 FLAC format and I was previously able to listen to them in Power-Amp with no issues. The program would collapse the rear channels to the front and play the center speaker as mono. Now, I only hear the front left and right and the other 4 channels are lost. Does anybody know if there is a setting I can change to enable this functionality again? I'm not sure if I changed a setting that caused this problem. Thanks for your help! I am using the latest full version of Power-Amp.
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