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  1. 4 hours ago, Ajendra25 said:

    But, it's still processing just 16bit using Direct HD Hi-Res Output.

    I see that there is now a forced audio output 16/48, this is a highly likely primary output.
      This is A.R.I.S.E. !!!

    This player can OpenSL HD?

  2. 37 minutes ago, Ajendra25 said:

    Please give me a solution.


    40 minutes ago, Seve-s said:

    build.prop, the line lenovo hi-fi

    Remove the lines of the lenovo hifi from the build.prop file.

  3. 1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

    Try 709 rather than 705. It may be that High-Res output (as opposed to internal processing in PA) isn't happening at all with your ROM.


    It has also changed the build.prop, the line lenovo hi-fi has been added directing the audio stream in deep_buffer.


    2 hours ago, Ajendrasinh said:

    My Hi-Res Output 24bit not working! 

    It's playing only 16-bit 192khz. How to enable 24-bit?




    Deep_buffer has a limit of 16-bit, as well as your mp3 file 16-bit.?

  4. 10 hours ago, SynekPablo said:

    Since you're right, the two reversed. Sorry. The AK 4490 first provides the necessary power to signal in Hi Res. For this he needs a DSP and a codec to process the signals optimally. The AK 4961 takes over. That means as much as, the two works always at the same time only that they do not do the same. Did you wonder why the stock music player is only used to select a track? The equalizer is DOLBY ATMOS. The reason is simple and logical, it should make sure that the audio file is in no way influenced by the Music App. The audio file should be clean when it reaches the AK 4961. This should ensure the best possible AKM quality.

    Codec AK4961 can not affect the DAC AK4490. Never and never, under any conditions. It only works for conversations, speakers and mic. only. The DSP function makes the SD820, more precisely the Hexagon DSP core.
      It's not very difficult to see datasheets, is not it?
      Axon 7 is equipped with headphones amplifiers TI OPA1612, again codec does not participate.



  5. 13 minutes ago, SynekPablo said:

    If you have installed a custom ROM on the AXON 7, you often experience problems with the AKM DAC. The AXON 7 has an ADVANCED AUDIO DSP CODEC (AKM 4490) and the DIGITAL ANALOG CONVERTER (AKM 4961). When the Official Stock Rome is installed then the ADC and DAC are working great.  I think that has something to do with the internal code that allows ADC and DAC to work optimally together. A custom rome changes this code, which means that the ADC and DAC can no longer work optimally together. In the specs of AKM AK 4961 this is 32bit and 768 kHz dedicated DAC. This can do this but there is a lock that allows a maximum of 24bit and 192 kHz. In addition, a Class G Cap was installed so that the power of the DAC comes to its best advantage. The sound of the AXON 7 is optimal only with the Stock Rome. Any change made by a custom rome affects the sound of NEGATIVE.

    You confused the names: AKM 4490 is DAC chip, AKM 4691 is codec. They can not work at the same time. AKM 4490 is a power DAC, but the power of the system is not more than a weak player, consequently 24-bit / 192kHz.

  6. 44 minutes ago, spacebar2011 said:

    The amount of clueless people using resampling and claiming to hear better sound just makes me cringe! People, do yourselves favour, turn off any resampling, it actually makes audio worse and puts utterly unnecessary strain on the CPU. Also, unless your files are native 24 bit, leave the setting at 16 bit. I would imagine with so many people chattering about Hi Res in these forums, some would have a clue about how digital audio actually works...

     The amount of clueless people who believe that they understand digital sound, and sampling, and bit width, for some reason do not know how to watch system files on their smartphone. They can not understand that any modern smartphone can provide digital sound without changes, without undue oversampling, which creates an application of a third-party player.

  7. 9 hours ago, Ecksdee said:

    Axon 7, pretty please? AFAIK Poweramp has never been able to output to the AK4996 DAC at more than 48k. Neutron is able to output 192k/24 without too much trouble.

    I guess it'd not be easy to output hi-res properly on this phone because ZTE has these weird quirks here and there, but if you need any file from the system i can definitely fetch it for you.


    edit: on another note, i can't actually find audio_policy.conf under /etc... I have audio_effects.conf though. No idea why, maybe it's 8.0 related, or because i have V4A?

    its name can be audio_policy_configuration.xml

  8. 5 hours ago, lantian said:

    Would love it if you managed to get 24bit support for the saber dac. Poweramp is way more user friendly and has far better user interface than lenovo stock player(it can not even stop playing, it keeps going one in repeat or search modes and has many many other issues, but it just sounds stunning) I can give you what ever logs you might need. Also thanks for the reply.

    If you used the ROW-ROM, then you could then turn on the DAC Turbo Hi-Fi.

  9. 2 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @lantian  В X3 есть ошибка / надзор, который заставляет все звуки ESS быть только 16-битными (по крайней мере, на уровне флингера мультимедиа похоже, что все передискретизировано до 16 бит, это также верно для игрока X3). По запросам пользователей я переключил PA обратно на 24-битный путь, который не использует ESS (но предыдущие сборки PA сделали).

    Now flag 0x4000 is not called, so there are complaints. Flag 0x4000 controls the flow for turbo hi-fi (QUAT_MI²S_RX, DAC ESS Saber). In the future build, leave the option to choose between compress_offload (Snapdragon output) or deep_buffer (Lenovo HiFi).

  10. On 16.05.2018 at 4:04 PM, freedspsp said:

    Пользователь Lenovo X3, большое спасибо за повторное 24-битное: D: D: D


    On 16.05.2018 at 6:23 AM, maxmp said:

    • Lenovo X3 - повторный набор 24 бит

    ОК! Это случилось наконец. Но теперь флаг 0x4000 падает (он посылает аудио ESS DAC), кодек работает  о олько.  

    Lenovo Vibe x3a40, A6.0.1.






    Сборка 708. 

    Эта проблема все еще не решена. Фактически, я могу активировать ЦАП. Сначала я использую UAPP, в то же время я подключу Poweramp к тому же аудиофайлу, и DAC продолжит работу. Флаг 0x4000 будет сохранен, если PAmp активен.




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