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  1. Poweramp-alpha-build-708-play.apk
  2. And still make fixes for Lenovo Vibe X3 (flag 0x4000)? Check out your private chat with me.
  3. What version of the ROM do you have lenovo?
  4. You are not the only one who wants to know this. While we must wait this fix.
  5. I see that there is now a forced audio output 16/48, this is a highly likely primary output. This is A.R.I.S.E. !!! This player can OpenSL HD?
  6. You should search where Arisesound_setprop files are.
  7. you need to fix system / build.prop. Delete the strings ro.lenovo.hifi_support = true.
  8. OMG! Arise is a big, huge, great trash can.?
  9. Remove the lines of the lenovo hifi from the build.prop file.
  10. It has also changed the build.prop, the line lenovo hi-fi has been added directing the audio stream in deep_buffer. Deep_buffer has a limit of 16-bit, as well as your mp3 file 16-bit.?
  11. No, turbo hi-fi does not work. This on my x3a40 also does not work.
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