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  1. Still not solved guys, get the grant access loop
  2. Hi Guys, Resurrecting this thread to see if there is anything that has been developed to solve this? Many thanks,
  3. Yes you are correct I am after the lowest level displaying album art, That would be good if you could move to feature requests, Many thanks
  4. Thanks for your reply, However what I mean is each individual track to display album art when scrolling through the folders. MY folders are full of individual tracks, not belonging to one specific album. I.e like good music does with its playlists, displays a small thumbnail next to the song name
  5. Hey Guys, Did a forum search however no luck, I listen to alot of electronic music and therefore download alot of individual tracks, I am wanting to display the album art on each of these tracks as I scroll through my dump folders. I use 'folder' view and sort via 'Hierarchy' if this is important. Is there a feature for this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Anyone work this out? The sound coming form my Poweramp (full version) is no where near as good as the Fiio native app
  7. It't it just a simple sorting feature addition that could be added?
  8. @Kwittus I experienced the same also, before any alterations to Poweramp the volume is ALOT lower than fiio native player, I believe I ticked a "Direct Volume Control" option and this seemed to bring the volume up to a similar level. I feel like I want to remove all power amps audio optimization and tweaks as these are great for phones etc, however I am using a DAP that would have superior settings that I want to use and keep Poweramp for purely UI Any thoughts on how to do this? Definitely agree that we should start a list of optimal settings
  9. Hi, I have become sick of all the bugs with the Fiio native software and have migrated over to Poweramp, I am however experiencing some quality loss when compared ot the native app, I feel like the native app provides more 'space' in its sound and is richer than Poweramp, which seems to slightly dampen the sound. I have played around with the setting a little, turned of all EQ, i am on v3 now (experienced the same on previous version) and played around with the sampling, output settings, Any help?
  10. Unfortunately not, as you mentioned, I need folder based not song based
  11. Hi Andre, Thanks so much for your reply, Understand your method above however as you may have expected this does not solve my issue, I download lots of music daily, I also DJ, so when I start listening to music, i want to be able to hit a "sort by date added / created" button and my freshest music will sit at the top. Otherwise I have no idea what I copied over. I used to have a "_New" folder, however when I favorite something or create a playlist, then move it out of _New, the links become broken. I believe it is quite an easy fix, essentially it is the same as bei
  12. Hi all, New to Poweramp, running on my fiio X5 iii, My life would be complete if there was a possibility of sorting folders by date added / created obviously in the 'folder' view. Thanks all for your help
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