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  1. In my experience, 820 didn't fix the problem. Leaving WiFi and BT on seems to increase drain and heating. Your Mileage May Vary
  2. Considering PA and the unlocker are tightly bound, what matters is why directly related PA activity is at the top of the battery consumption list. The icon question is not the primary problem. @krazzyvishal Did you check to see if Chromecast re-asserted itself. For some reason, it returned on my phone. It's disabled now, but I'm watching to see if it magically returns.
  3. Why is the PA Unlock icon at the top of power consumers?
  4. The screen grabs are in probably chaotic order, but I hope they point to what surprised me after leaving PA idle. What are wakelocks, and do I care?
  5. You read my mind - that's exactly what I want to know. Good on ya!
  6. Well. I just had two "isn't that interesting" moments with PA. The first is probably OT, but here it is: my S7 phone nearly locked up to the "pull the battery to restart the phone" level. An extended single digit to Samsung for not letting the battery be user accessible. After enough button pushing and screen waiting, I got to the home screen and saw the PA announced as not working, stop or keep waiting. As soon as I stopped PA, the phone went back to being a normal phone with no unusual delays. I've seen the phone lock up like this a few times over the past couple of months. I rebuilt the phone (back to "out of the box experience" stock firmware forward to rooted otherwise stock firmware) and the problem stopped. Until yesterday. Did PA cause the problem or did PA wind up in a situation where it failed for lack of resources? No idea on that. The second is the "high discharge, high heat" problem on steroids. I spent most of three hours using the S7 with earbuds. At some point I stopped to check the phone - very warm and down to 47% from 87% in, to be charitable, under two hours. I turned off WiFi (poor service to the tractor anyway) and BT (not used, except in a car). An hour plus later (yes, that adds up to more than three hours - I'm trying to leave slack around how long it took for discharging), I was down to 15%. I pulled the phones jack to stop playback, put the phone on its charger and walked off to do something else. The stunner is coming back over an hour later to see the phone at 29% and not going higher. The phone was up to about 116F. The screen, when I unblanked it, showed the album art for the track that had been playing. The point here is PA should have been idle, the phone should have been charging, and 116F is well above the phone's normal temperature (~100F). As soon as I left PA, the phone resumed charging, and the temperature dropped to the usual "warm from charging" temperature. Whatever had PA going was hammering the phone to the point where the charger was barely keeping ahead of demand. PLACE HOLDER! The text above is complete, but I need to add some screen grabs to the post. The grabs are on my phone, not on my laptop. More to come.
  7. Poorly asked on my part. With repeat on, and after playing the last track in the list, is the list shuffled on starting to play track #1 or is the existing shuffled list repeated without a further shuffle?
  8. Confirming: Choose shuffle songs, choose shuffle off, choose shuffle songs will generate a new list? Also, if repeat is set, when is a new shuffle done?
  9. At what point is the shuffled list created? AFAIK, the process is to open something in a queue or playlist, let it run briefly, get to "shuffle songs" and there's the shuffled list. After that question, how do I trigger a new shuffle of the songs? That is, using the shuffled songs, and want to either shuffle the shuffled list or shuffle the original unshuffled list again. Think of it as "how do I get two bites at the shuffled apple?"
  10. I disabled Chromecast. What I found as big power stealers are apps such as a German weather app that I don't need in the US. There were some other apps that seemed to do lots of I don't know what, but the apps just didn't need to be in use, period. The power use issue seems to be erratic. It comes back on occasion, and it's not there on others. As I said earlier, I'm leaning towards PA forced into some state where it gets overly busy. IIRC file scanning can be shut down, to be used only manually. If so, that will disable unwanted scans, right?
  11. I suppose a shuffled list could be saved, reshuffled, and then queued, but that's a few steps and tossing old temporary list on top... long way to go for a short trip. I'll look for a another occurrence. I suppose the mythical 12 monkeys typing could produce a full, or partially, sequential list. I'll watch to see if they do it again. Meanwhile, given the recent explanation, I think it's better to expect a shuffled list, but watch for another surprise.
  12. About, the "non-random" event, and the one that started my thoughts about how shuffling should work, and possible changes was definitely past what the "12 moneys randomly typing" would be likely to do in short order. The tracks were, of course, from a single album, they were early in the shuffled list, but not at the start. They are definitely separate files and showed up, when I inspect the shuffled list, as such in sequence as played. That I heard three in a row was startling enough to inspect the list at the time. I won't swear to a second occurrence in the same shuffled list, but I'm moderately sure there was one. NTL I'll follow up on your request for diagnostic screen grabs.
  13. Understood. We talked about this in the bug section.
  14. OK, gotit. There is one application of randomizing and then that randomized list used. That takes care of the "don't repeat it". It also explains why stepping forward or backward shows the same order of tracks. Or scroll forward to album h, track 9, scroll back to album q, track 4, and further back to album f, track 22. Scrolling either way shows the same order; this is a new, randomized, version of the playlist (repeating the obvious, I know). In a couple instances the randomizer has put three tracks up in order. Once is a surprise, twice is curious, and three times is a problem. For me, shuffle can have a problem. The next playlist shuffle I select, I'll check for any hint of tracks retaining the original order. The repetition I mentioned might, now that I understand the process, might be a function of the playlist length. I'll check that, too.
  15. I have some playlists that are built album by album. The list runs "track 1, album ; track 2, album A; track 3, album A", etc. On shuffle songs, two things happen that IMHO are bugs. 1) I get a run of successive tracks in the list - tracks 3,4,5 of album A. 2) The some tracks appear frequently while some are rarely played. This all points back to a need for better randomization.
  16. I frequently hear repeats when, in my situation, I shuffle songs. I assume this happens with all shuffle options. My suggestion is to maintain a list of files played during shuffling; hit a previously played file, jump to another file. My inclination is to reset the table each time a shuffle mode is selected. If it's easy to select "shuffle > no repeat play > no reset played list" great.
  17. Having encountered the same "high draw, high heat" syndrome, I wondered about the cause, of course. I tried some suggested changes with no success. Used a battery demand app (GSam) to see what apps were pulling the most power. I found apps that sucked up cycles, and created activity/heat, for no obvious reason. With those apps removed or otherwise silenced, I went back to PA. The results are conflicting. With my S7 on a charger, and a Sirius/XM portable receiver/amp (think boom box) plugged into the phone jack, the phone remains at or under 100F even while charging. The phone volume's full up (the box is in charge of loudness), and I've let the screen go back to the idle display (black with digital clock). I'd count this as problem solved. But... If I use Klipsch buds, put the phone in a pocket to invoke the "dark place, dark screen" mode, the phone picks up to 105-110F (I doubt my body temp will bring temps above 98.6F...). Without a charger. I have no idea about why this happens, but IMHO I don't think the problem is with PA. If it were, the phone temperature, given constant PA use (same settings, same material), should be higher with charging (app-generated heating plus heat from charging) and lower without it. Instead, things are upside down. I don't think PA"s the cause of the problem. Current installation: 839
  18. At least I'm not sure which full version of PA "V30" refers to. My general experience with with V3-build-838-arm64-play is that power consumption is marginally reduced and heating similarly reduced. - - - - - - In general, for any electrical device, the heat generated is a direction function of power consumption. As this applies to any phone, the busier a phone gets, the hotter it gets. This is not application specific. Running any specific app does not, per se, mean the phone will get hot for running that app. What does indicate any app will be tied to heating is how "busy" the CPU, etc. will be as demanded by that app. For example, a benchmark app that drives the CPU, memory, etc. to full capacity will heat the phone significantly. An app that does nothing more than blink the notification LED is not likely to much heat because of its low demand on the CPU, etc. Applying this to using PA, the question is simply how much demand is placed on the CPU, etc. when using PA. High demand, high heat. Low demand, low heat. It's my understanding that of the roughly 50,000,000 downloads, accepting there are not 50,000,000 users, the "PA high battery demand/high heat" syndrome is reported by a very small percentage of users. Stipulated that not all who experience this problem have reported experiencing the problem, there's still a very low percentage of users with this problem. That leaves me with the conclusion that the problem is tied to some specific configuration of those phones that causes "high consumption/high heat". It's the developer's call on whether to address the problem or not. Either the conclusion is "there's no way that everyone who uses or tries to use PA is going to be satisfied" or "the problem may be pointing to a something in PA that's worth investigating as it may be a symptom of a potential problem for the wider user community". There is, as part of the latter conclusion, the "non-Google" release, which seems to be giving mixed results. Other strategies also seem to give mixed results. All of the above leads me to think it's best to look at what, in any particular phone, may be using power that, when adding PA's nominal demands, push a specific phone into the domain of excess demand. Excess demand, for whatever reason, means excess heat. Or, PA isn't a pocket warmer, it'the total of the phone's activity that's a pocket warmer. Personally, I'm still trying to figure out what else in my phone is busy when it shouldn't be. My main tool for running down "who's busy when I don't want it to be" is GSam Battery Monitor. I have no skin with this monitor, it's just the monitor I have. I do suggest doing a consumption inventory and use that to decide what apps should shut down, or deleted, if they "do nothing to earn their keep". --- Your mileage may vary, prices higher in Hawaii and Alaska, some assembly required, not tested by the FDA to determine if this product will prevent, treat, or cure any disease, do not use while driving or operating heavy machinery, pursuant to California Proposition 65, this item may contain cancer producing agents. Have a nice day.
  19. FWIW, I often use PA while I'm doing something that has me carrying my phone in a pocket. I use a "turn screen off when in dark place" (Samsung? Android?) option to keep the screen blank. NTL battery temps go over 100F and the battery is run flat, from 100% in 3-4 hours. BT is off, WiFi is on (I should try with it off). Not a chance I'll use airplane mode at least while I'm the tractor (this is a phone, after all). I tried airplane mode once; no change.
  20. IMHO the problem is tied, inversely, to the number of sunspots. No sunspots, lots of consumption. If that's not it, let's resort to astrology and the sign your phone was "born" under. Or maybe bad feng shui? These seem to be as good explanations as any.
  21. Sigh... I keep getting apk corrupt. Using Chrome and FF on the phone fails. Ditto for Win10 on my laptop. I went through this for 820. Using d/l to Win10 bypassed whatever was breaking the file on my phone, but not this time... Suggestions?
  22. When high battery use kicks in, the problem is tied to PA and rebooting it doesn't change anything. I'm still suspicious of how much Google Play activity I've seen. For a number of reasons, including problems associated with PA, I completely reloaded (down to re-flashing the stock ROM) and re-rootred my phone (Samsung S7). For the record, without being able to use Titanium backup/restore app the job would have taken too many hours. Rooted, and now being able to use Titanium, the job took a couple of hours. Which is why I require rooting for any phone I own. I haven't had time to use it as a player, but I've been working through the curious images choices, and PA hasn't appeared to cause problems. There's a lot of screen use, of course, which also take a bite out of the battery. However, once I leave PA alone, the phone cools down, and battery use doesn't plummet. I still have more testing to do before reporting whatever I find, though.
  23. 62 Gb with about 10,500 files, 494 folders (many separating albums within one artist).
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