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  1. Sorry - total brain burp on my part - 3's the winner.
  2. My question is "What is the best way ensure the same artwork for all album tracks without embedding the same item in each track's file?" It's obvious using the tags or filename is giving the wrong result too many times. Installing the right artwork once per album, knowing each track will show the same artwork - that's what I'm trying to do while using the least amount of storage.
  3. The images of Al Di Meola leaning on a Les Paul guitar are the most common returns. The number of tracks on my phone... I don't even want think about it. A handful of albums are filled with tracks ripped from streamed sources (oh for the good old days when that was free and easy to do!). The 80's material alone is about 9K of tracks, albeit 3-5 minutes each. The notion of five figures worth of tracks filled with the same artwork repeated LOTS of times would pound the daylights out of storage space. There's got to be a better way than repeating the file over and over. Does diving into the Android/data structure and putting a needed JPG in the right offer a solution for "one artwork for all tracks in an album"? If so, that also offers the option flush out unwanted artwork.
  4. I'm relying on whatever engine Poweramp uses. Its guesses are sometimes ...um... memorable. If I download from albumartexchange, can I assume I can "tell" PA to use the file for albums PA got wrong?
  5. I have an album titled "Gypsy Soul", genre "Flamenco" (Narada label - Nuevo Flamenco collection, probably out of print, but worth looking for). The album art is correct, and all tracks, except one, have the album art, which is correct. The track "Mediterranean Sundance", Artist "Al Di Meola" defaults to the original album's artwork, not the "Gypsy Soul" album it's in. The album and genre tags are right. As an experiment, I changed the artist to "Armik" and the title to something in Spanish. Same file, different artist, track name, and got the right artwork. Change back to the right artist and title and... Wrong artwork. Why and how do I fix it?
  6. Nice to get one right on occasion. LOL Opted for a nicely chilled rather presumptuous yet well behaved chardonnay instead. Salud!
  7. If I understand correctly what I read regarding legacy access, there seems to be a problem with Google yet again closing down the scope of visibility (AKA scoping). Guessing again, Google argues that the less visible something is, the more secure it is. Developers/Users argue that if something can't be seen, except in limited circumstances, what good is it doing anyone. Or maybe I should just go away, and open another bottle of pinot grigio. Salud!
  8. Problem solved - it was the Legacy switch. Thanks!
  9. Pixel 4XL rooted to Android 11, PA build-903-arm64-play[9030004-4dbb36e4] All attempts to assign /Main Storage/ fail. I pick internal storage, which doesn't show the "contains folders" arrow, using the check box. Using the + I pick "continue" in the Add Storage/Provider Plugin, drill down to Music, and tap Use this folder. Tag allow and... fail. What's happening here???
  10. Thanks! This post covers just about everything. :)
  11. Sorry, by "get to them" I mean assume I have an album with no artwork, or the internet search didn't produce anything useful. I have a useful image of the artist, and I want to apply that to the album with no artwork. Or... apply that same artist's image so it's used in the playlist.
  12. Trying to go at this from a different angle... Viewed as either a list of albums by the same artist, or by album, it has the right artwork. Is there any way to get to the albums' artwork?
  13. Assume the tracks are properly tagged, PA goes to the Internet for each track in a playlist?? One of my gripes (posted earlier under feature request let the user assume more control over searches) is some search results produce artwork 100% irrelevant (dunno how that happens). Going to the internet for, in some cases several hundred tracks, is ...um... odd. Particularly if the art is just flat wrong. Is there no way to simply refer to the existing album art associated the track's album of origin?
  14. I'm not sure about doing screen grabs from the phone. If I tap the playlist and try to apply album art at that point, I can select the art. When I tap a specific track in the playlist, I"m back to the zap screen. In short, nothing seems to associate art with tracks. Almost all of my lists have the same artist, with tracks in the desired order. I thought artist art, at least, might appear.
  15. The work flow is: Current screen is "Zap", title to play (at bottom of screen) is from the playlist. Tap the ... choose album art and "No data". Based on what you've said, I don't see a way to assign, at any point from choose playlist to play track, a default background.
  16. The idea is to put up something other than the default jagged screen default for no artwork. Artist artwork, album artwork, one piece of art for the entire playlist is fine.
  17. In a playlist that uses albums with existing album art, the art isn't displayed. Attempting to define album art for the playlist, "Data not available" is displayed briefly. Why is that, and is there a fix or work-around? Build: 875-876
  18. In several instances the presented artist and/or album art is hopelessly clueless. "Alpine Soundtracks" gets several versions of "South Carolina Living" magazine covers. There is nothing about generic Alps images. I have no idea how many other artists and albums are so afflicted. Being able to tweak the search terms should help with fixing that problem. Being able to include files will be helpful, too.
  19. @Crericper Interesting. Play Service was mentioned, more than once, as a possible problem. IIRC, tinkering with it was occasionally useful, but didn't prove to be a certain work-around. The infinite loop must have been extremely active to hammer the CPU to the point of heating to the point it did. Of course high battery consumption inevitable in this instance. FWIW, I've been using existing playlists with no problems. Battery consumption is well within the expected range.
  20. Maybe I slept through the lecture, but what was the cause of the problem?
  21. I confirm problem resolved. Bye, bye, thread... I'm going to miss you! LOL
  22. I think you're saying to just start playing songs without queuing or playlists. For example, pick the first file in a artist collection? Or start from the first file in a folder?
  23. The common theme in the reports appears to be playlists. Further, how the list is formed seems to have no obvious impact. In short, use playlist, cook phone. The question, then, is what happens with "play this song, play the next, etc." What happens with "start a song, and shuffle in some form"? Further, looking at the posts, it appears that the phone model, Android version, and rooted/not rooted have little impact on the problem.The short summary becomes "use playlist on any phone, cook phone." Now to get that a) acknowledged and b) corrected. Frankly, I'm inclined to think the response will be crickets.
  24. @dinfinity This is probably the clearest review of the battery problem to date. Since the use of playlists seems to the common thread, that prompts two, related, questions. Have you investigated the use of queuing vs. playlists, and has logcat shown you any clues about similarity to playlist failure? I'm more than a little frustrated that there seems to be virtually no obvious, in-depth developer effort on the matter. At one point I was told, summarizing, "we have millions of users and only a few people with this problem. This isn't a place we'll spend time on". That doesn't square up with what's reported in this thread. I suspect there are many more users who have the problem but don't report it. They either accept it, or work in a mode that doesn't trigger the problem. NTL it is clear a problem exists.
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