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  1. OnePlus 6, A10 open beta 01 This issue is intermittent between app versions. When you switch Hi-res on the volume output is about 20% less than what you'll get in AudioTrack output.
  2. Version V3 build 853 OnePlus 6. Android 10 Open Beta 1. For several of past versions (true on last stable android 9 build as well), whenever I receive a notification the output will become very choppy which in turn prolongs notification sound and it would last upto 4 seconds. Volume also becomes choppy when I try to adjust volume.
  3. Using OnePlus 6, Open Beta 4. Selecting high res will lower the volume to about 70%of the max. While system volume is at max. Any suggestions?
  4. Where can I find the skins for V3? I can't seem to find them on play store.
  5. I really wish that the option to directly play a song via long press in the list mode and not going to the player. Because then I have to return to the list and find my position. Especially when I am listening to recently added songs. As they are not alphanumeric. Also it would be great if we can also have seekbar in the list mode.
  6. The seekbar is totally invisible in this album art. @maxmp
  7. You can change the seek bar to static in settings.
  8. Orientation issue? What do you mean?
  9. Can we get the songs/albums grid view of 790 back? Maybe a toggle somewhere? I kinda liked it. Also there is a issue of hi-res lowering the volume of the music by aprox 30%. Using OnePlus 6 stock 8.1/5.1.9. (works great on my OnePlus One though.) PS: also I found the buttons are a tad too big. I click them while seeking or they get in the way of seeking.
  10. When enabling hi res output. The sound gets at nearly 70% volume at max volume. Using OnePlus 6. Oxygen OS 5.1.9
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