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  1. Lenovo Moto G 4º Generation, stock 6.0.1 here. Build 703. I'm having the exact same problems I had on previous version 2: Audio is mutted for around one second after 15 minutes of playing through Bluetooth. Phone Bluetooth name appears instead of elapsed time.
  2. Hi. My phone is a Lenovo Moto G 4º generation, I'm running stock Android 6.0.1 and I'm using build 588 of Poweramp. I'm having some issues while playing music through my Pioneer DEH-4600BT and the problem is that, after 15 minutes or so of playback, there's always a small pause. This pause usually lasts for about a half to almost a second and doesn't happen when using non-Bluetooth headphones. Music is stored on the real (external) SD card. These are the settings I tried changing and did nothing to solve or mitigate the issue: Short Audio Focus Change BT Direct Volume Con
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