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  1. AVRCP 1.0, which we currently have on android already supports this feature. Moving up to 1.3/1.4 adds support for track information.
  2. Ya, I'm rooted too, EVO 4g running Cyanogenmod 6.1.1
  3. Ya, I've got everything checked except for double/triple press, but as far as Pause On Headset Disconnect it does say "Pause when wired headset disconnected from the phone." So it does say wired and nothing about bluetooth, but it is working for you so not sure why mine isn't. I've just gotten it all to work by using customer scripting in tasker, but it would be nice to have it work natively in Poweramp. You're not running something like locale or tasker are you?
  4. Sorry if I didn't go into enough detail. Mine does pause the music when I make or receive a call, its on the bluetooth connect/disconnect that I want the options for. For example if I leave the phone in my pocket, once I turn the car off and bluetooth has disconnected, I still have to pull my phone out of my pocket and pause/close Poweramp. It would be nice if you could set Poweramp to pause or close automatically once bluetooth disconnects.
  5. I love the options available for wired headsets, but how about adding them for bluetooth headsets as well? I use my car as a bluetooth headset with android constantly and hate having to pause/close Poweramp after i turn the car off. I would be awesome to have the ability to automatically start playing when it sees a bluetooth headset connection, and pause or even exit when the bluetooth headset is connected. Thanks!
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