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  1. Try this: 1. Download and install Poweramp-v3-build-804-uni.apk 2. Go to Settings > Already Purchased? > Website/Restore Purchase. Enter Email and Purchase Order ID. 3. Tap "Restore Purchase", see "Thank you for purchasing Poweramp Full Version!". Or, initially clear app data of Poweramp in Android's settings, then try to restore purchase.
  2. There is something strange in your words. The version for the site works without any activators. You bought an unlock in Google Play? Are you sure that you bought the application on the site? If this is so, then I do not understand why you are additionally installing the activator. If you just downloaded the version for the site, and bought the application in Google Play, it will not work. Activator only works with the version for Google Play, if I understand correctly. Maybe Max can somehow clarify your situation.
  3. Try to clear data in the app's settings (not in the Poweramp, but in Android, of course). Then, re-register the application. Select in the field of the account the one to which you registered the purchase. This account must be registered on your device (it must be in the list of accounts).
  4. Огромное спасибо! Thank you, Max!
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