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  1. has this happened yet or is there a skin where album art can be increased in size?
  2. Hello I've made a lot of custom album art, much of it is not square - jpg files in a rectangle designed to fill most of my tablets screen in a portrait mode is there any kind of screen that maximizes space layout for album art, with a minimal amount of space for controls - no visualization, no frills, etc? or is there a skin where I can specify how much space I want to give my album art?
  3. Pardon me, I'm a noob. I bought power amp full version today. It plays fine on my tablet, but the album art always appears in a square window, with the controls as big arrows beneath. Is there anyway to make the album art full screen without any controls? This may have to do with the lock screen - however, I went to the lock screen settings and turned it on but I still have the album artwork as a square inside the Poweramp display.
  4. Any way to hide the controls and have the album art picture fill the entire screen?
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