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  1. May have found the problem....or solution...restarted my Bluetooth device several times and seems to be ok now. I did this last night and no dice. But for now volume seems to be working ok. Thank you for replies.
  2. I agree, i dont typically put the db gains high like that. I never had to before, was just playing with settings last night and that was the only thing that seemed to make the volume close to the same as it was before. I'm going to download a couple older builds and use same settings as before and see..
  3. google pixel 3xl running android 9 and lenovo tab 4 running android 8.1 and running latest PA build on both 816 i believe . Beta tester. low volume seems to be most noticeable over bluetooth. db gains are set to max in volume settings as well as preamp in eq settings. volume needs to be now nearly 1/4 the way up to even hear anything, where as before 1/4 volume was loud.
  4. is anyone else experiencing volume issues after latest update? i havent used Poweramp in over a week. went to play music tonight and evrything is barely audible. on device speakers and bluetooth. i have to turn volume almost all the way up to hear anything. my eq settings are all the same that ive been using. this issue is on phone and tablet. bluetooth volume is almost non existent.
  5. i think it has something to do with the embed info on the tracks. i have nothing separated. just one music folder and what i did with selecting hide no tracks less than X sec seems to have worked
  6. no prob, still havent had any more issues, so fingers crossed lol
  7. ok, thank you. i will try that. i may have found a fix though. seems to be reading all files. i set it to not skip any files under X ammt of seconds. i have no tracks under 6-0 seconds, but maybe its something in the embed of track itself idk, but seems to be working atm.
  8. Hi, this new version as well as several of the other releases no longer detect all my music files. They're all in 1 folder. It's only showing 1552 of 2100 on the SD card. Have tried different cards also. This has been an issue on phone and tablet with the last 6 or so alpha/beta releases. Any ideas why? All are mp3 and correctly tagged. edit......when reinstalling older version it finds all music, then when updating to newest release all the music will show but then go back to the 1552 after a short while.
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