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  1. Poweramp version and build number - v3 build 852 Your device model - Asus 6z / Zenfone 6 Your Android version - 10 Facing issues with audio Focus since updating to android 10 (2 days back) Earlier if I used to play a video or something on any other app, the audio used to pause and restart after the video was turned off. Now the song continues playing but no audio comes out to my earphones.. I have to close the app completely and start again before being able to listen anything.. If I chose short audio Focus change the song pauses and restarts, but still no audio output wh
  2. My details are as follows Asus Zenfone 5z Android version: 9.0 Earphones: mee audio m6 pro 1st gen The volume will go down when I connect my earphones with dvc turned on. The song will start with normal volume, small pause and start again with much lower volume. I would have to turn DVC off and on again to bring the volume level back up. My earphones will be detected as having a mic but would change to without mic which is when the pause would occur. The thing is that this happens only when DVC is turned on.. If I turn off dvc then there is no pause and no change in
  3. Had been facing this issue earlier intermittently but seems to have become much more persistent since 826. New songs which I add in the library do not show at the top of recently added list, instead somewhat lower in the list. But when I edit the tag of the songs they move to the top. I have a habit of changing all my song names to capitals so I change the tags quite frequently but would still like to see the news songs at the top so I don't have to search in the list for them. Also, the lowering of volume with dvc on still persisting on 827. Only gets fixed when I turn dvc off and on again
  4. I use hi-res, this doesn't depend on the audio track. And there is no notification or any other visible change that I can see when this pause happens. But I've noticed something which might point to a problem with my phone. The icon for the connected earphones is first shown as a headset but changes to an earphone later. This might indicate that my phone wrongly reads my earphones as with mic and then corrects it. I'll also try and raise the issue in my phones official forum. But this is happening only when DVC is turned on. If I turn off DVC then the phone correctly identifies it as an earpho
  5. Facing a weird issue with my wired earphones with this version. I have DVC turned on. When I connect the earphones, the volume will be slightly higher but then the music will pause and resume but with a lower volume. If I turn off and turn on DVC again the volume will again increase till the next time I plug in the earphones. I recently changed my earphones to without a mic ones, earlier used one with mic. Didn't face this issue on that, but the update came after I changed the earphones so cannot confirm whether the issue is with earphones or Poweramp. Asus Zenfone 5z Android versi
  6. Thanks a lot for the update but I can't seem to delete songs from within the player anymore. The button seems to be greyed out. Love the new seekbar, but just a suggestion. Can the seekbar be changed to automatically select a color a bit more contrasting to the album art. When blurred background is present the bar is hardly visible
  7. The issue of songs not playing after selected is still present in build 814. The songs gets stuck on 0:00 and only starts when paused and played again.
  8. Possible bug, after pressing any song to play, it doesn't move forward. Have to pause and play again to get it going. Asus zenfone 5z, stock oreo
  9. Facing issues in rescanning library, the rescan option from the 3dot button does not work. Need to go to settings and rescan library from there. Already tried fresh install.
  10. can you please bring back the functionality in which even if multiple songs had different artists but the same album they can be combined in the album. Now it is available only for songs without artist info. it is showing multiple albums with the same name for each artist separately.
  11. When @andrewilley created this thread and informed that the update might shift to April, I was still happy that Atleast there was some info on the development, but now again half of April has gone and there is no news regarding the release or any status, I would take any info man, even a delay, but some info is required. How can the developer be so disregarding of an official forum about his single most important product.
  12. I would say this is great news because we at least know the project has not been abandoned. and getting an "effectively feature complete" beta is worth a delay of one month, instead of just getting a skinned alpha without any fixes to the problems in the alpha build especially the ones faced in nougat. please forward my thanks to Max for the info @andrewilley
  13. It's the first week of march. Not asking for any ETAs, but any update from the developer will be good. Even if it's a delay in the release for beta.
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