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  1. Did you get some info which we all don't have? Who said the beta is coming soon?
  2. When @andrewilley created this thread and informed that the update might shift to April, I was still happy that Atleast there was some info on the development, but now again half of April has gone and there is no news regarding the release or any status, I would take any info man, even a delay, but some info is required. How can the developer be so disregarding of an official forum about his single most important product.
  3. I would say this is great news because we at least know the project has not been abandoned. and getting an "effectively feature complete" beta is worth a delay of one month, instead of just getting a skinned alpha without any fixes to the problems in the alpha build especially the ones faced in nougat. please forward my thanks to Max for the info @andrewilley
  4. kunaltyagii

    Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    It's the first week of march. Not asking for any ETAs, but any update from the developer will be good. Even if it's a delay in the release for beta.