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  1. kunaltyagii

    Poweramp Build 815

    Thanks a lot for the update but I can't seem to delete songs from within the player anymore. The button seems to be greyed out. Love the new seekbar, but just a suggestion. Can the seekbar be changed to automatically select a color a bit more contrasting to the album art. When blurred background is present the bar is hardly visible
  2. kunaltyagii

    Poweramp Build 814

    The issue of songs not playing after selected is still present in build 814. The songs gets stuck on 0:00 and only starts when paused and played again.
  3. This is somewhat baffling to me that people who claim that the developer has spend so much time in essentially rolling out an update which most of the community hates due to its visuals were never really a part of the community. By many of their own admissions they haven't ever tried to give a feedback in 6 or more years that they have used the app. But they still want to developer to listen to them? How exactly is he supposed to do that? I can understand that many people liked the old UI, it was simple, clear to the eyes, and did what it was supposed to do, but what it was supposed to do has changed in recent times. The developer has to think of not just the old users but also the new ones. How many more years do you think the old UI would have attracted new buyers if they keep seeing a UI reminiscent of KitKat Era? And what's more baffling is that many customers who say that looks shouldn't be the primary concern of a music player have not given a single comment on the new audio engine but have been ranting continuously about the new UI and how bad it is. Any new thing has its learning curves, how can one decide about the utility and the design after spending just a few days with the app? Another thing is the entitles nature of some of the posts. Especially the ones using the app for 5-6 years. I am one of you. Poweramp was one of the first apps I ever bought using real money, and to be honest this has been my best expenditure on any app till now. Being in India I even got it for a lot less than most of the folks here. Just thinking that I paid less then a dollar and have been getting consistent updates for so long is enough for me to ignore any issues I might have had with the new update and at least give it a genuine try before commenting on the usability or any other issue. I have been using the new UI since the first beta came with it (never used the alpha as I was facing crashes) and apart from the initial few days I have not faced any issues in setting the app to my liking. It is modern, sleek, follows the material design, and most importantly sounds so good that I get goosebumps while listening to songs. I would just urge people to give it a genuine try and provide constructive feedback to the developed regarding your grievances so that they can be heard and worked upon. Please try to appreciate the hard work that has gone in providing you this update, that too free of charge and if you haven't till now, then from now on please be an active member of this community. One really doesn't need to be a nerd to follow some app that they have used for over half a decade and be a part of its development. Edit: regarding few legitimate points raised here. One better way could have been to release a separate app for V3, but this couldn't be done without some serious overwork on the developer's part consisting of migrating existing users who wanted the new version on an individual basis. One can argue that the older version could've been given the new audio engine, but this was covered initially that it would've been too Much work where the app would still need to be build from scratch but the only real addition would've been the audio engine. Again, too much work for one feature while the community (active on the forum) clearly wanted multiple features. Also, the comment about people wanting there app to just work.. It does. It works perfectly as it is. The gestures are simple, options are available for different button layouts and after spending 15-20 mins on the initial setup, which I did even on V2, I hadn't had to make any changes in the UI to be able to listen to my music. It's just that we had become so habitual of using V2, that we feel the new UI doesn't "work" Please, I would request again. Spend some time with the app, use it for few days and if there are genuine concerns, leave them in reviews either here or on the play store and let the developer address them.
  4. kunaltyagii

    Poweramp Build 814

    Possible bug, after pressing any song to play, it doesn't move forward. Have to pause and play again to get it going. Asus zenfone 5z, stock oreo
  5. Facing issues in rescanning library, the rescan option from the 3dot button does not work. Need to go to settings and rescan library from there. Already tried fresh install.
  6. kunaltyagii

    Poweramp beta build-795

    can you please bring back the functionality in which even if multiple songs had different artists but the same album they can be combined in the album. Now it is available only for songs without artist info. it is showing multiple albums with the same name for each artist separately.
  7. Did you get some info which we all don't have? Who said the beta is coming soon?
  8. When @andrewilley created this thread and informed that the update might shift to April, I was still happy that Atleast there was some info on the development, but now again half of April has gone and there is no news regarding the release or any status, I would take any info man, even a delay, but some info is required. How can the developer be so disregarding of an official forum about his single most important product.
  9. I would say this is great news because we at least know the project has not been abandoned. and getting an "effectively feature complete" beta is worth a delay of one month, instead of just getting a skinned alpha without any fixes to the problems in the alpha build especially the ones faced in nougat. please forward my thanks to Max for the info @andrewilley
  10. kunaltyagii

    Poweramp alpha-build-703/704

    It's the first week of march. Not asking for any ETAs, but any update from the developer will be good. Even if it's a delay in the release for beta.