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  1. Thank you very much! I have just sent an email to this address, then instantly received an email giving me instructions about how to activate, which is not very helpful. Will there be anyone continue to resolve this issue for me? Kelvin
  2. Is there any way to log off from other devices, from some administrator?
  3. Agree. I cannot make fast jumps by using the wave bar, and words showing on album makes me unsteady. I personally don't want to see the album art either (more precisely, don't want some specific people to see some strange pictures), I don't know how to disable that at the moment. The best thing improved though is that hi-res is better supported, it sounds so much better when external DAC is connected here, pleased by this improvement.
  4. Hi Max, is it possible to get back the original control UI? I think many people might prefer buttons instead of swiping to change songs, currently it is slightly hard to do so with one hand.
  5. Music stops when Poweramp lock screen is enabled. Disabling it will prevent this issue.
  6. I feel sorry for you Andre, it's not your fault but you are the one who has to face the complaints.
  7. Seems like you prefer extra noise and blasting volume, this arrangement is ridiculous, can't believe you are bragging.
  8. Hi, Smartisan M1L (Smartisan OS 3.2.6 based on android 6.0.1) actually has a DAC which the producer claimed to be Cirrus Logic CS4398, so is there a compatibility problem with Hi-res since the app shows Snapdragon 24-bit PCM instead of CS4398 as variant?
  9. Seems to be working fine on my Smartisan M1L Feels great! Although the noise can still be heard, it has been reduced a lot.
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