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  1. I would like to know this as well. I just bought a "Meizu HiFi DAC Pro" adapter for my HTC U11 and would like to know more about the resampler feature. All my flac files are in 16-bits / 44.1KHz.
  2. This skin is awesome. I like that nothing goes on top of the album cover, just like in Poweramp v2. Please never change this or at least make it an option to keep the album cover free of any other elements or buttons. Thank you for your hard work.
  3. hi I just tested latest build 841 with a wired headphones, and the fade in bug when "tap to play" a song is still there. I spent over an hour customizing Poweramp settings. I disabled all possible settings and tested on 3 different phones with 3 different Android versions ("LG G3 with Android 6", "HTC U11 with Android 8.1", "Motorola G4 with Android 7". Played is in pause mode, then "tap to play" and the fade-in is there, not just at the beginning of the track, even in the middle. I already tried 4 different headphones, same results. HD audio setting is not enabled. No stutter or skipping, just the tiny fade-in. No fade-out at the end of the song though or when switching songs. I even tried to disable all settings to see if something was causing it... no luck. Maybe my phone is too old ? Note: it only happens when player is paused. If you tap "next" or "previous" while a music is playing, to this bug doesn't happen. I tried 320kbps mp3 files and flac files. All the same. I only use flac audio files, never mp3.
  4. hi all, I'm using Poweramp v2 588 with a wired headphones, and I always get this fade in bug when "tap to play" a song while it's paused. It's not the phone or the Android version. It happens with 3 different phones of 3 different brands. I already tried 4 different headphones with 3 different phones and different Android versions, they all have the same problem. And it's not only at the beginning of the song. It you pause the song in the middle and "tap to play", the fade-in bug is still present. I've always been annoyed by this. I tested latest v3 build and it the bug is still present. Note: it only happens when player is paused. If you tap "next" or "previous", to this bug doesn't happen.
  5. I found it. "Action Bar" setting in "Look and Feel" / "Menus". Disabling it, "Folder" / "EQ" / "Tone" icons disappear. I don't mind that as I hardly access them. The settings menu icon moves down, in the right side of the song title / artist text. I kinda like this way better as song cover stays "clean", thank you. I didn't know what "Action Bar" setting was for... now I know
  6. Hi all, I just started using an LG G3 D855 with Android 6 installed Poweramp 2.0 build 588 and I noticed a semi-transparent background at the top icons (folder, EQ, menu...). LG G3 is rooted with Magisk installed. It didn't appeared on my other phone (no root, Android 5.0.2 installed). It shows only at the top icons, bottom icons (repeat, shuffle) do not have this semi-transparent background. Is there a setting to remove that ? Take a look at the attached image (red arrows). It messed up with the album cover.
  7. Damn... I spoke too soon. This morning I started listening and in the very first song the audio cutout happened once. Then in the next song, it happened again I disabled all notifications sounds and phone vibration and still happens. LG G3 is using Android 6. This never happened with my other phone LG Prime Plus 4G H522F (LG Magna), but it uses Android 5.0.2 (sadly, that phone is bricked...) I tested a couple other music players and didn't noticed this bug. ... update... Ok, I did a phone reboot and now the audio cutouts are gone again... ... end of update...
  8. Hi all, I know this is an old thread but I think I might have found the culprit: "Thermal Mitigation off" set to disabled. I just started using a LG G3 D855 model, and I was getting these small random cutouts while playing songs. Same behavior in stock Android 6 and with Fulmics 8.0 custom ROM. Then I remembered that I've disabled the "thermal mitigation off" setting (activating this feature) to help keep the phone in lower temperatures. Poweramp 2.0 build 588 was working fine before I changed that setting (internal memory and SD card). Well, I've enabled that setting again (default setting for LG G3 D855) and haven't got a single audio cutout playing music for the past 2 days. I still need to play songs straight for an hour or so to be sure. If you phone have this setting, try to enable it, restart your phone and try again. Confirmed. I listened to music for 2 hours and got ZERO cutouts or stuttering in audio. At least for me, the thermal mitigation off setting was the one causing the problem
  9. nevermind... too much of a hassle to have and play SACD files.
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