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  1. oh thank you! I didn't found at all that menu, I was keep disabling visualization Main UI drawer spectrum and Equalizer screen spectrum with no luck, it's a bit less intuitive. problem solved
  2. +1 album art keeps disappearing after a couple of seconds and equalizer shows up. Android 5.1 on newsmy carpad (android headunit)
  3. bump Is it possible to have random song in current playlist only? And skip manteining the random choose for the next one?
  4. floc

    Car Mode

    you can use the widget for the cover, tasker, and desktop visualizer for creating command links
  5. +1 for this should be an alternative instead of change playlist gesture
  6. I set random to my playlist: how to skip current track AND choose the new track in random? actually if I press "next track" Poweramp goes to the next track in list but in the original order :|
  7. please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3#ID3v2_Rating_tag_issue and http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0 section 4.2 "popularimeter".
  8. maybe Poweramp can use the "comment" id3 field (upon proper user confirmation of course)... normally is unused or filled with crap
  9. as title, whould be nice to have an option to sleep when standby instead of continue playing
  10. I purchased Poweramp, it's by far the best. But I NEED a RED theme (neon red whould be great!) 'cause in my car blue looks very ugly I tried to change the graphic in apk but even resigning doesn't work anymore... we need an external theme method if the apk is protected this way (for piracy reason I think)
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