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  1. Man I love PA, it is hard not love Mr Max , you deserve to be appreciated. I love every single feature of this great app, thank you. I have LG V30 quad dac feature + PA ===== great feeling
  2. Hi @maxmp I have one request, the artist pictures are not perfect, can you provide better server solution for artist in order to get proper square aspect ratio artist images , like from audio db and some other websites.
  3. @maxmp thanks both of my devices are android oreo 8.0 stock, LG v30+ and galaxy s7 flat, I have android studio I will try to produce a log when this bug happens, BTW I'm not the only one with issue other people have this issue too as you can see.
  4. @maxmp yes but if you enable start at library in look and feel settings and restart the device and launch PA the miniplayer it is not showing the last song I played instead it just shows the first song in the library (I mean first song in All Songs category ) or a random song, if I go back and force between the miniplayer and now playing screen it is still the same . the temorary fix for me is to close PA from app switcher and relaunch it. and it doesn't matter which song category´╗┐ , all of them are affected. I formatted the devices to factory settings multiple times and started testing this on new clean device and it still the same if you can't replicate here is a step by step how to 0-enable start at library in look and feel settings 1-close PA from app switcher 2-force close the PA from Settings >>apps 3-restart the device 4-launch PA from the widget
  5. thanks @maxmp I disabled the Initial scan option , it didn't have any effect first you must enable start at library in look and feel settings then restart the device and launch Poweramp either directly or from the widget, and start playing a song and go back to library and you can see the song that is actually playing is different from the one in the mini player, I noticed this issue since build 390 + and I posted this thread on sepetember 9
  6. But it also happens without force closing , and I tested several times, this is a dysync issue as @maxmp said
  7. when this happens you can fix it by closing the app and launch it again, but this dysync happens when you force close the app and/or restart the device I even factory reset both of my devices to see if it was my fault but it still happens
  8. Hi @maxmp I can confirm this dysync happens when no any active scan is happening
  9. Thank you @maxmp for your reply Yes exactly this desync happens when no any active scan is happening, I tested this more than 15 times , again this desync happens when no any active scan is happening, please if you can fix it that would be awesome, I tested this on galaxy s7 and LG V30+ this desync is defiantly happening
  10. Yeah but why its happening on both of my devices? please can you at least test it on your side and see if I'm right?
  11. @maxmp this problem is definitely very much alive and its very annoying please fix, I tested this with two devices Galaxy S7 and LG V30+ both running stock android 8.0 this is how to reproduce the bug 1- kill Poweramp from app switcher 2- force stop Poweramp from settings / apps 3- restart device 4- launch Poweramp either directly or from the widget please fix this @maxmp @andrewilley
  12. @andrewilley @maxmp I'm just letting you know this is a bug I tested this more than 50 times , reinstalled and done everything so I hope it get fixed.
  13. @snoufaltariq thanks for your suggestion , I reinstalled PA and started from scratch, I think I narrowed the issue down to this: this problem now happens only if "Start at Library" is on in look and feel settings, I mean the setting when you launch PA it will go directly to the library rather than the now playing screen, you can reproduce this issue by restarting the phone or force stopping the app in settings and launch PA either from icon or widget. @andrewilley @maxmp
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