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  1. hi @maxmp thank you for the great work , amazing, have you planned to add grid view for album artist listing in next betas?
  2. I think thats a good idea if possible to make the seeker a bit smaller, and move the track title and album title below and add artist or album artist
  3. Thanks again @maxmp awsome Ui, have you considered to to add Album Artist grid view to display Artist Images?
  4. Hi max thank you for the long awaited update, is there a plan to add artist images and grid view for album artist?
  5. Stable version has just been released in the other universe List of changes -stability improvement -dark skin mode added with oled support -minor bug fixes for andoid 8.2 users
  6. People have right to complain, on xda when a dev states he will release something at a specific date he will deliver, only in very rare circumstances it may take longer. I'm sorry but max is not keeping his word, If I didn't love Poweramp I wouldn't even bother to comment here. Keep it up max.
  7. Its already released in another universe multiverse wise.
  8. I maybe a Newbie but I will express my opinion any ways, Some people are against other people asking for ETAs, but in this case they have every right to ask for it, you [andre] are making a thread that an update is coming in the next month or so,but it took longer and longer, that's purely wrong, you should not have given any ETA in the first place, and now you're wining that people are asking for an ETA, well they have every damn right to ask for it, BTW I'm not asking for an ETA and never will, I'm just laying out some facts,
  9. This is an amzing player, I bought the pro version, one thing that i'm so into is adding a grid view for artists just like albums, also adding the ability to download artist images will be incredible, I hope these are implemented in the next major release, thank you developers for your great work