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  1. Thanks Andre as I couldn't figure out how to enable updates from Google Play but your download link worked perfectly My version is v3 build 860. -CK
  2. Thanks Andre, as I did not know that (I also purchased a license). Where can I DL and update to V3? -CK
  3. Thanks Andre that helps. I have V3, build 588 as I think that's the latest. Do you think they will ever enhance where the time of each playlist is shown? Also, is there a way to select which playlist is next? -CK
  4. Hi all, here are my question: - Where do I find my version? I suspect I have the latest but need to verify. - How do I tell the total times of each playlist? - Is there a way to go to another playlist after the first one is completed? Thanks, CiscoKid
  5. Don't know if these have been suggested previously, but these are my wish list of enhancements. - Display total length of each playlist songs - Ability to see song lyrics
  6. I have seen that happen where you have the same song listed differently but I think there still are repeats with the same exact song.
  7. I will try doing just that and let you know. A couple of questions - If the shuffle is in play and you start playing songs and then stop playing the song currently playing and then restart that song, will the shuffle start over again? Also, is it correct to assume that if you close down PA and then start it back up again and use the shuffle mode, you will have a new shuffle sequence? Also, is there a way to delete duplicate songs from your all songs library as I know there is an option to delete dups in playlists?
  8. Andre, I followed your instructions and yet I still get repeats. Inasmuch as other also report this issue, can something be done?
  9. I am not interested in purchasing an add on play list app for Poweramp and would hope this feature can be included in what I've already purchased.
  10. I also have been wanting this feature as I wouldn't think it would be very hard to code in the overall time for a given playlist.
  11. Andre, I will try doing the "all songs" from the library with the shuffle mode all and let you know if there are any changes. Should you also be able to do the shuffle mode all from a playlist and not get songs repeated until all have been played?
  12. Obviously there is a problem (bug) as many have reported this issue of shuffle songs getting repeated. Is anyone addressing this issue and if so, what is the fix and what version will it be implemented.
  13. I also have the issue where the shuffle is not playing all the songs (in my playlist) before starting over. I often get the same song(s) repeated (as others have noted) over a short period of time. Is there a fix for this issue?
  14. Hi. I just opened the very same request (sorry I should have checked first) as I think this might be a very easy feature to put in where when you highlight a playlist or have someother option to check it shows you the total playing time and number of songs as was suggested by jdthepig. That's exacly my thought as well. -CiscoKid
  15. This is a great app and has just about everying I can think of but if this exists I cannot find it. What I'd like to see is a way of knowing how much playing time (in total) is in a particular play list. Thanks. -CiscoKid422
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