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  1. im in the same situation. whiped google's android so no google play. i have previously bought the unlocker (via google play), and i'll happily buy it again if it's possible some other way. play.google.com displays "Poweramp fill version unlocker" as "Installed", and there's not anything more to be done from there. Are you supposed to be able to "download" it from play.google.com and then transfer it manually the way i installed the basic player?
  2. I have a lot of older mp3 albums, missing id3 tags. i managed to find settings to display songs by filename in folder list, and also play them in correct order. now for my request, in the "player" view, the songs still appear as "unknown artist" and "unknown album". how about displaying the songtitle and album name for songs missing id3 tags. what would be really cool, would be a setting where you could switch to this view for all albums. somehow i prefer seing the filename before id3 tags
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