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  1. such a weird request... Why not try the ”song preview” encode in foobar? It crops the song to the amount of time (percentage) you choose.
  2. yes, it does NOT re-encode the compressed audio. It adds a sort of ”header” to the file, which tells every player the loudness it should play.
  3. a very needed and beautiful feature for me also. It could be the image you embeed, or it could download the artist image from the web, and let you decide which one to select. Apple's music player iOS 9.3.3 is doing sooooo great on this feature. again, Apple's music player iOS 9.3.3 lets you decide if play just now, and then return to the current playlist, or play only the selection only. subscribe !!! Would also be great to see the track number. This is how it looks on iOS 9.3.3: (tapping on Album Cover starts the playback of certain album, no need to Long Tap on it and select what to do)
  4. i would suggest you to make a copy of these files in a different folder, and then APPLY the replaygain values to the copied files: not just add the RG tag, but APPLY these RG values to the file, and so all players would recognize the loudness as you want. I used to do this for iPhone, because Apple's SoundCheck is such a piece of crap. But this operation will ALTER your files, and you woun't be able to undo it, so this is why i suggested you to make a copy of these files. Move these copied files to your phone then, and this way the original files will remain intact on your PC. The opperation of applying these RG values to the music files can be done very quickly and easely via Foobar's menu "Apply track/album ReplayGain to file content", or via MP3tag. Not the best way though, but a very decent workaround
  5. I bought an iPhone 5s and loved the way VA albums are sorted in the list of albums. It was iOS 9.0.3 Please please please implement this kind of artists list view, because i would have to scroll through 50 artists and not 5000 when trying to find a certain album. Please agregate ALL kind of VA albums under one tag, be it ”Compilations”, ”VA”, ”Various Artists”, ”Various”, or whatever you like. ps.> moved back from iOS (after 3 months of use) to Android, due to inclusively lack of Poweramp on iOS.
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