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  1. Hi, I just downloaded PA yesterday to give it a good once over before for consideration for purchasing it. I have an LG V10 that I love for it's hi-Rea DAC capabilities and have it loaded with hi-res FLAC and WAV files. I was happy to find out that the latest version of PA takes advantage of the phone's DAC. As I was sampling different hi-res files in my library, it soon became apparent that some songs had a substantial buzz in the left channel. It seems that this noise appears whenever my 96k/32bit wave files are playing. These are files I downloaded from artist's websites after purchasing box sets or LPs that contain hi-res download codes. All other WAV and FLAC files play fine in PA. The same 96/32 WAV files play fine in the stock LG music app and sound wonderful. I'm using PA ver 2.0.10-build-588-play LG V10 Android Version 6.0 Any help is appreciated. I would easily purchase PA if this issue is addressed. Thanks for your time. C
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