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  1. I've just reinstalled Poweramp and then reset the settings to default (from within Poweramp). Tried AVRCP 1.3 to 1.6 on default output (restarted the phone after each AVRCP version change). Somehow Play Music works, Poweramp doesn't. I don't know what else to try! PS: My phone is a OnePlus 5 with OxygenOS v5.1.7 (Oreo).
  2. maxmp, I totally understand your point and respect it. No questions asked about absolute support! But... Something has changed between version 2 and version 3 of Poweramp. Otherwise I cannot explain why there is no similar problem on v2 .This is the only thing I am trying to say and that's why I insisted on mentioning it. maxmp, I will try to find out more details on the Tasker forum (like what methot/intent it is used) and I'll return. Thanks! Scopesys, I'm not sure these two issues have anything to do with one another.
  3. Hello there! I've experienced this issue since the first time I've tried the v3 beta (quite some time ago). I've noticed it reported here and there by other users too. Now that the stable line has been updated to the v3 branch... Control from the default music control app found on the Pebble watch is no longer working. No pause toggle, no next/prev song. This seems to be an Poweramp specific issue since all other apps (Spotify, Play Music, Deezer, Tidal, etc) are working as expected. Moreover if one of those players have a permanent notification present, even if Poweramp is currently playing, the other player will intercept the command and act accordingly. A similar problem is noticeable with the playback commands sent from Tasker app. Neither in this case Poweramp is not reacting. The issue is Poweramp v3 specific and, since it is very annoying, I'm seriously considering jumping back to the last v2 release. Otherwise, thanks for the great Poweramp update! PS: I am free to provide any assistance in solving this issue.
  4. I've just read all the materials I could find about the issue and nailed down to the preset ID. Is is never to be found. Not even com.maxmpz.audioplayer.EQU_CHANGED intent doesn't show it. Poweramp 3 alpha doesn't work either. So I resorted to the next best working thing which is: /** * Extras: * - value - string - equalizer values, see ACTION_EQU_CHANGED description. */ public static final int SET_EQU_STRING = 51; I am attaching a small archive with a set EQ task and a profile to get the EQ values out of Poweramp. It will make life easier for people looking into this matter. EQ.7z
  5. This issue seems to be still present in the official release. Is there any way to work around it?
  6. Hello there, I have quite a bunch of Musepack (MPC) files which, situation which, due to lack of time, I'm not planning to change any time soon. I've noticed that files in this format tend to be way less loud than MP3s and OGGs (2-3 volume steps on a Nexus 5 running CM11). Also there seem to be quite noticeable loudness differences between songs (of any format) more noticeable than when played with foobar2000 (my desktop player of choice). Has anyone noticed these things? This behavior was present also on my previous Galaxy Nexus running CM10.2/11. Wish you a nice day!
  7. Better make some use of custom tags like foobar2000 does. That way custom tags could be used. Thanks!
  8. I'd like to see a more car optimized Poweramp too! Thank you!
  9. I'm interested in this too. Can anybody answer this question? Thank you!
  10. I am hoping for something like this too...
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