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  1. Understood. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, then. I don't know what I want to hear until I am ready to hear it, and even a 128Gb SD card is not large enough to hold all the albums I deem to be "classic" as well as all the songs I rate at 4 or 5. To use Poweramp exclusively, replacing streaming and DLNA audio services, I need to predetermine my music preferences and have a large enough (1TB+) storage facility for them (most of my music is FLAC or highest rez MP3). I then need to keep that facility regularly in sync with my master collection, which takes a long time every time at current USB data transfer rates to a phone. It just doesn't make sense to do any of that if I can access the same music over the LAN or 4G on a great music player. So, given the known development path, what do you think would be the ideal solution for me? Steve
  2. That's sad to hear. :-( I think that playing local smartphone files and sending them to external sources seems a bit old-fashioned to me. I thought most of us would have moved on to streaming from internet and DLNA sources by now. Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora etc are pretty much the dominant means of listening to music now, and those of us with decent collections wouldn't want them stored on an easily lost or stolen device - they generally live on a safe media server or hard drive (with backup) at home, don't they? Well, they should. Fingers crossed that sanity prevails and this lovely app caters to modern music trends.
  3. Personally, I think DLNA is pretty important and should be prioritised way above all else. Poweramp is my player of choice because the EQ and tone control is so good. I can't see how any other feature of the app makes it significantly better than the competition. Third-party equalizers that can shape output from Google Music and other sources are really poor, and the built-in equaliser provided by DSub is not in the same universe. Furthermore, I don't want to fill up my 128Gb SD card with music. It's too difficult to select albums from a very large collection, and it takes too long to re-sync whenever I want to refresh auto-playlist content. Streaming is the best solution, because I am then not limited by what I can fit on a 128Gb card which already needs to store photos, videos and other application content. Poweramp should be a one-stop shop for playing music on Android. In its present form it's a genuinely great player, but it rarely gets used on any of my devices. For me, and I suspect for many people, it's Google Play on the road and DSub or Mediamonkey at home. Steve
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