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  1. I have just posted this as a feature request but it sounds like it has been requested many many times before me. Personally, this is the only missing feature. I'd happily buy the product again (at full price) to have this feature added. If the developer needs anyone to test any early beta releases of this feature (I'm using a stock but rooted SGS2), I volunteer unreservedly!
  2. I have the same problem. Works fine with the stock Android app on my Samsung Galaxy S2: I get the song title, artist etc. When I switch to Poweramp, whilst the controls still work - the song names don't appear. In fact, the song name I last played (on the stock player) stays on my Bluetooth display which is annoying - because I certainly ain't listening to James Blunt 24x7 ;-) Please add this feature to allow me to get the full experience of FLAC + Bluetooth control/display working in my car. Please!!!
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