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  1. Hi all. As some artists use more than one album cover for the album, i think this feature is a must have. By adding little settings like "time to change" would be cool. The arts can be read from file's tag. I have some albums those use 6 covers like Rammstein's Sehnsucht, which one of its art is more popular but not the priority. Thanks and good luck to developers!
  2. Hi, i bought this app long time ago.. This is the most perfect one i've used. I would like to express some of mine ideas for GUI for the next update. 1) When pressing "back" button it mustn't exit the app since we have other ways to exit the app. I think it should be like that: Library>Albums>Album1>PlayerUI. When pressing "back" button PlayerUI>Album1>Albums>Library I hope you get my point. 2) Customizable grid. For example i want to use 3x4 since i have more than one hundred albums, it takes forever to scroll down. 3)Higher quality album arts. I use 1000x1000 for most albums. Some of other music players show my arts in higher quality comparing to Poweramp Thanks! Edit: saw the section for requests later. [Moved --- Mod]
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