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  1. The problem is a folder. If I don´t select the folder, I haven´t FC, if I select yes. FC to get into the tab "folders". I hope Max find the problem. Poweramp Crash Log 2.txt
  2. The crash happen when I select the "folder" tab. I have selected folders one at a time and with a folder specific gives FC yes or yes. With some folders gives FC only once. What happen? Before updating to Android 7.0.0 r6 worked well. PD: Sorry for my english
  3. Here I leave you a video and log. Is it possible that FC happen when more than a selected folder? Video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48888576/2016_10_01_12_00_37.mp4 Poweramp Crash Log.txt
  4. Alpha build 704, Android 7.0.0 r6, Nexus 6 FC in the tab "folders". Sometimes there is no FC, but returns to the tab "library".
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