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  1. The difference here is that your argument tries to apply personal experience to a statistical measure which is what that particular fallacy is about. You try to quantify the population of those who may or not have had problems, to what you have heard. My statement shows the likelihood of liability. Liability is limited to individual occurrences: "Was this person wronged or not?" not "Are the majority of users wronged or not?" If I had a cheaper pair of headphones, they would have been ruined, and Poweramp would be liable to replace them. The question my statement addresses is: "Is Po
  2. Your argument is an anecdotal logical fallacy https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/anecdotal I didn't get a chance to turn the feature off, since I didn't even get to look through most of the settings. I was in the middle of diagnosing an issue in the first steps I was taking on setup. Also I won't be putting this program on any device unless the developers clean up their act. Best to just pass this on to the devs, and let them decide if they want to risk any further liability or not.
  3. This 'convenience' setting is bound to cause obvious problems on first use. How about letting the user decide for themselves what options to enable?? Most people when they use a product to start using it when they choose to by hitting the start or on button depending what it is. This is the norm for pretty much every good out there, consumer or otherwise, and often is due to safety concerns. And the master volume was at a reasonable level. Like I said, both other music players I had were set to reasonable levels, and they both access the master volume. It seems that power amp also has
  4. I signed up to write because I am EXTREMELY pissed off at the designers behind Power Amp after having it installed for less than a minute. You guys shouldn't have the player auto play music as soon as a headphone being plugged in is detected. I plugged in my headphones (which weren't on my head thankfully) but still heard my music start playing as loud as if they were through actual speakers! Not only was this feature on my default, but the volume was CRANKED a few steps from maximum. Now the stock music player on my phone as well as Neutron are set to proper levels, so this is
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