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  1. Hi, Wen Thank you for your response. Obviously, when I turn off shuffle, the songs start playing in whatever list's order I started in playing. So if - like in my example above - I started playing from All Songs, turning off shuffle will indeed play the next song by whatever sort order the All Songs list was sorted when I started playing. This though is not answering my original concern fully. Which is how to retain currently playing song when I browse the library in ANY list. So - how to find currently playing item in Albums and in Artists and in Genres and in all other lists I browse. So again: let's say I start listening to song X through Albums and I navigate to Library through the shortcut at the bottom (not the menu) I am presented with that song in Album list and that is fine. But when I then go up to All Songs I can very briefly see my currently playing song there but the list quickly resets the view to some other position and my song is gone from view - there is now easy way to locate it. As I think it is not currently possible, I will consider making a feature request. Thanks again m.
  2. Hello! I'm new to Android but not at all new to computers and media players. I've been busy evaluating different players in the market and the stock one on Galaxy S II. Poweramp comes very close to what I expect of a player, thank you!. I've got one question, though. If I start playing from All Songs list and then come back to Library I'm presented with currently playing song in the list All Songs. If I start with Album or Artist - same thing happens. But is there an easy way (without the need to search) to jump from currently playing song to the respective entry in every list? Let me clarify: let's say I started playing song X from All Songs and I've got shuffle on, after couple of songs I come to song Y and I realise I would like to hear more _from the same album_ or _from the same artist_, so I tap Library shortcut at the bottom of the player (where song details are) and I'm in All Songs displaying song Y. But if I now go to Albums or other category there is no an easy way to locate currently playing song short of scrolling or searching. I've noticed an option called 'Keep list scroll position' but I'm not sure what it does or if it's working at all. Am I missing something? Does it qualify for a Feature Request? Thank you m.
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