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  1. Why do you wait for it? There will be nothing new. 799 build is feature complete and final build will only fix some glitches on certain devices. If the player already does run well on your device then you literally aren't going to get anything with the final update.
  2. No DVC + No headroom gain is the best option.
  3. The latest update was just 6 forum pages ago and there are february dated work updates.
  4. What monthly updates do you want see? As the latest screenshot says it's gonna be like: -polished topnavhelper; -extracted selection code to selection manager; -popup menu adjustments; -fixed scenes + scale compensate; etc... Do you need that? And once again, Max WOULD have released another test version, but it's IMPOSSIBLE to compile an application with unfinished UI, and he works with every UI element separately.
  5. There are couple of tweaks needed to polish performance on Galaxy S9 and Sony XZ2, so expect release around August.
  6. What do you want everyone, it's at least several weeks/months more but you keep writing every couple of hours that it's still not released.
  7. Max has said that application build can't be compiled properly without complete interface so he can't make new test version and here goes another offtop page. He also said there gonna be frequent updates after beta release. Please read previous pages next time.
  8. And there is NeutronMP that has much better sound, especially dynamic range, better eq, and it updates even more frequently, supports network music sources, and if you ask developer about anything, he will answer you within 24 h.
  9. What's the point making next version working 100% flawless if it's gonna be BETA?
  10. It doesn't really depend on headphones when it's about bass equalizer. First of all, turn max volume by hardware buttons of your phone, you going to lower sound volume in player by lowering PREAMP slider on the left side of equalizer screen, but after that player will be able to use full power of your phone and then you will amplify bass in equalizer without distortion and without volume/power cutting. There are 2 different ways to boost bass and also, you can combine them:
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