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  1. Poweramp Equalizer doesn't work with Mixcloud Compilation tracks fill up my Artist menu where it makes it hard to browse for what I want to listen to.
  2. Cool man that swipe from the left thing works. I just think I figured out why I don't have the icon in the top bar though, its cause I'm using a Galaxy S3 MINI and the screen is smaller so its pushing the icon out of the picture. How can this be reported to Poweramp so they can fix this? See if I rotate the screen so its wide I get both the EQ icon and INFO/TAGS link which I don't get it in tall screen mode so that I would think is a bug or something not good. Otherwise I really like this version better then 2.
  3. I can't access Tone/EQ. Normally its on the screen but in 3.0 I can't find it. I went through all the options through every menu trying and trying to find it going in circles and its super frustrating. I know this is beta but I'm just trying to lie down and listen to some tunes to relax but the Bass is super high from a previous session and I can't change it back. I found the EQ before at some point before which took a while to do but now its gone again and I can't remember for the life of me how I found it the last time. Also how do I go back to the old version if I w
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