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  1. Like I said, only happens when PA is in the foreground. Oh well, not worth worrying about if nobody else is seeing it.
  2. Made no difference, still beeps on volume change even when listening through built-in speakers. Only happens when Poweramp is in the foreground. Not a big deal for me personally. Anybody else seeing this?
  3. Bug(?): Beep sound on volume change when using built in speaker.
  4. Bug: Sleep timer does not respect "Play Last Song To End", music is cut off abruptly at set time. This was mentioned previously by nereis (http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8656-Poweramp-alpha-build-702/&page=9), just wanted to make sure it isn't forgotten. Since D3Seeker brought up gapless, just thought I'd mention a feature request. I would like to see an option for the opposite of gapless, that is an option to insert gaps (silent periods) between songs.
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